1997 Caymus SS 2002 Diamond Creek Volcanic Hill

Dinner Saturday night with grilled venison steaks: 1997 Caymus SS Napa Cabernet-Just a slightly brickish cast to the wine which is the first sign of age that I've seen in this wine. Plummy nose with cassis and mint. Mature flavors are starting to show. A bit of leather and mushroom behind a fairly ripe plum and cedar flavor. Soft resolved tannins "B+"
2002 Diamond Creek Volcanic Hill Napa Cabernet-Almost black in the glass. Nose of coffee grounds, blackberries, and an earthy clay aroma. Pwoerful on the palate with forward sweet fruit, blackberry, cassis, espresso, black pepper. Still quite tannic. This wine needs at least another five years. "B+"
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