A Couple of Italians

A quick note on a couple of Italians:
1993 Marchesi di Gresy Villa Martis - a blend of Nebbiolo and Barbera, this
wine had little to commend itself to me. Generic and uninteresting nose, and
more of the same in the mouth, a Cassius of a wine (after Plutarch, not
Shakespeare - lean and pale). I expect more from even a middling vintage like
1993 than this ungenerous Beaujolais with battery acid.
2000 Lamborghini Trescone - I had read mixed reviews of this wine and decided
to pop a cork and see for myself. Medium depth of colour, right to the rim, a
slightly rubbery fruit driven nose that seemed to improve with time in the
glass, and fruit that kicked in on the palate after an initial short gap. Long
finish. I think this one may come together nicely, but I won't try it again for
a year or two.
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Bill Spohn
"Bill Spohn" wrote in message
Hi Bill
I have not heard of this particular model!
From your musings, I would have thought that the Lamborghini in your collection was a *mature* than this.
Hold on - I realise my mistake! I was thinking of the one in your garage!!!
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The one in the garage is 1969 - mature even if it's owner isn't.
The ones in the cellar (Trescone and Campoleone) are 2000!
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Bill Spohn

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