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To try and keep the "QPR wines for Sept" thread clean and
straightforward, please post your comments (negative or positive) and
suggestions on the idea here. If there's enough support for this idea
I'll post a list for Oct (or someone else can start) on 10/1,
incorporating the suggestions. If it's an idea that folks hate, we'll
drop it.
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"DaleW" wrote in news:1158321915.228427.221760
Suggestions: Location? Where was the wine purchased? Currency?
d., hoping to get tasting again, real soon...
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Certainly fine to throw those things in (especially currency, I sometimes am the Ugly American- sorry!). One can throw in where purchased, but I tried to be sure I put down wines that had multiple hits from Thanks for thoughts!
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"DaleW" wrote in news:
Red or White, if necessary, for example Casey Miller's 2001 Chateau La Baronne Montagne d'Alaric (Corbieres) - 10.99 USD I'd have to look up.
Something like Gewurtz, Reisling or Chenin Blanc, whether it's bone dry, dry, off dry or sweet.
I agree we shouldn't go to full blown tasting notes, but it should be ok to say enough so that someone would know if it's their kind of wine.
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Jim Lovejoy

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