Geatano da Forino wines?

Hello All,
I am looking to get my hands on Geatano da Forino wines from Forino, Italy. This wine is sold at the owners restaruant in Dallas, TX and also sold in some local Dallas liquor stores.
I live in New Jersey. Any ideas on how I can get my hands on some?
I asked the owner to ship to me but they said there are restrictions going across state lines.
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"DaleW" wrote in news:1161785712.704845.278990
The price list is nuts! Yikes! =8-O I see that the wine is supposed to be Greco ("Grecco", erm) di Tufo, you can probably find an equivalent (at 1/3 the price!) locally, have a look here for any local shops:
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Good luck! d.
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