Message from nowhere---Where's Murray

Der I am in Pontiac Michigan deres snow, tumult in the street and no broads, Eventhough I was born in 88 BCE da year of da goibil, kinahuurah, i don't look a day over three hunded but as doc here would say, "Holy Karma, Mr. Murray you need your whole plumbing system done over." " We get you ready for surgery "and he puts a piece paper in my hand, nice boy....when I at da paper its sez special to all patients why get sick in the hospital, get sick here at Ramuyat Chernoble Indian Restaurant. Camel Dung not accepted -- cash only unless you got a big tom turkey that was spayed. Its said vindaloo chickem our specialty. Well I gots dis hunger yen for scicken so O call my nephews body men Vito, Frodo and Murray to help me break out & get some of da sccken and a glass be continued please suggest a wine to accompany chicken vendaloo.
J. Murray Fefferman da old guy.
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Joe \"Beppe\"Rosenberg

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