PING: Dan The Man: Orlando Jacob's Creek Chardonnay 2002.

Hello Dano,
Well I finally cracked the 2002 that has been sitting in the fridge for
about two years.
Not as tart or acidic as I would have predicted, with a slightly heavier
body and texture than I expected too. Smoother than I'd expected. The
smoothness etc may have been a consequence of sitting in the fridge for
2 years. Deadens everything keeping it that cold for so long.
I did let it sit for about 1/2 hour before opening it though. So it was
close to ideal temperature.
I had it with the bachelor special, oven cooked packet fish and packet
chips with tartare and tomato sauce. It more neutralised the wines
flavour than enhanced it, but it was reasonably pleasant with the dish,
with a tongue coating texture. There was a hint of a clash with the wine
tasting very tart at one stage, but that was only one incident.
The nose was pleasant enough, though cold whites always bring back
memories of stomach ache and teeth clenching tartness. I'm not a huge
white fan. Especially chardie which I've had a few bad encounters with
Suprising body, bouquet and a hint of complexity with a suprisingly long
Considering this goes for about roughly $7AU here, I can see why it is a
huge seller.
Cheap and cheerful [and suprising ;) ]. Not something I would drink by
choice, but would be a pleasant enough food match by the glass or two.
Especially at the price.
I see that you have reviewed it on your site. I can't say I remember
coming across the Wyalla Cove here. Perhaps it is export only.
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Greetings Mat,
Truth is, I don't have a web page of my own - there might be another soul out there who uses "Dan The Man" as his nickname. As for the wine, I have tried Jacob's Creek Semillon/Chard. Quite nice, though a bit on the simple side. A good "food" wine in other words. When it comes to Chard, I am also quite picky. I prefer the ones that are fruity and somewhat acidic. I could never get a taste for the ones that are oaked to death. To each his own, right?
Dan-O (who IS a big Riesling and Viognier fan)
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Dan The Man
On 31 May 2005 09:44:28 -0700, "Dan The Man" wrote:
Dan...what do you think of Yalumba's $10 basic Viognier. Haven't tasted a better (read few available) at that price point.
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Hello Swooper, I haven't tried that one yet, but I'm glad you mentioned it - I am going to round up several Viogniers the next time I go shopping, in order to do a side-by-side comparison. And I plan to get them from all over (including France of course, the grape's ancestral home). I will keep your recommendation in mind. The last one I tried was McDowell Viognier 2000 from Mendocino, Calif. - very fragrant with a fairly long finish.
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Dan The Man
Hello Dan,
My brain seems to have shut down. I was thinking of MikeD from
formatting link
, how I got Dan the Man from that I'll never know. Sorry about that.
Isn't it amazing how such an amazing organ as the brain can get it all so wrong?
Anyhoooo, yeah that's pretty much the hallmark of the Jacob's Creek range, simple. Most other things I've tried from that range have been pretty awful.
Although the shiraz came alive with a spicy pasta dish when before that, the very same glass had been approaching awful.
You might like to try the riesling in the Jacob's Creek, it is often given high marks. Would be interesting if nothing else.
Also, don't confuse Jacob's Creek with Jacob's Creek Reserve, which although the next label up, and about $13AU, versus about $8AU, are consistently given good write-ups.
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This came up not so long ago in a "Best value of the year" thread. I've seen it mentioned around a few places as exceptional at the price. I paid $7AU, I think you can get it even cheaper on special.
I thought it was OK, probably a lot better with food, but as I keep saying I'm not a huge white fan. It was suprisingly complex at the price. If I wasn't such a closet white poo-pooer I probably would have been quite excited by it.
A chardonnay fan I know who dislikes reds and is a man, was sceptical when I brought the bottle around [it is a base level yalumba and does look a little "cheap" and mass market plus is well known here as a "budget" label] as he tends to be, but when he took the first sip his face lit up in genuine suprise and said "Gee, that's alright isn't it?"
He was very impressed. Asked me how much I paid, and was even more impressed.
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