Re: TN: SOBER does 60s Bojo, 70s CA & Rhones, +Loire, Burg, etc

What an interesting lineup of wines, Dale. Did Craig find those old Bojos on the secondary market or did he purchase them way back when? And I am not terribly surprised about your reaction to the '99 L d'Or. You may recall my comments expressed awhile ago that good Muscadet scratches much the same itch as Chablis for me.
I'm not surprised that you liked these so much. I have great memories of some of those mid-'70s Phelps Cabs, and I'm still cellaring a few Insignias from '94 and '98 in hopes that they may eventually develop along similar lines.
So, what were your WOTNs, Dale? The L d'Or and the Clos des Lambrays? And what were the group's WOTNs?
Thanks for the notes, Mark Lipton
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Mark Lipton

I believe that the Beaujolais were from recent parcel sold at Crush, if I heard correctly If I had to choose a WOTN, maybe the rose Champagne! But the Muscadet, Clos des Lambrays, and Insignia were all excellent.
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I agree with your comment regarding the Phelps. I recently had a couple Insignia's from the 70's that were excellent. They seem to produce great wines every year regardless of conditions. What was the deal on the premox with the Raveneau?
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For the most part, the Insignia from Joseph Phelps in the 70s was very good and still is if properly stored. I still have a very few bottles of 74 and 78 Insignia and 74 and 76 regular. I do not recall having a bottle that was off, but I do not want to search very old tasting notes just now.
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I didn't think it was PremOxed. Craig said he thought it advanced when he first opened, with some oxidative notes, but seemed ok by time served. But there was a little lactic/cheesey note on finish. Both John and Andy felt that was a precursor of oxidation- tastes great now, but could be a danger sign. I think I've summarized correctly.
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?! Filling in the story would be welcome :).
Oh, yum. We've finally finished unboxing wine after the move, and there are several Ridge Zins from the early-mid 90s, but this is a different league.
The lineup sounds like one of the more interesting tasting sets; very fun.
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Scores was a famous strip club in city, closed a couple years ago (though someone said they thought it has reopened). Apparently this was the house bubbly (a Cremant de Bourgogne) with their private label. They charged outrageous sums, not sure if included lap dances. When they closed(bankrupt?) a couple of NYC stores bought their stock, so the $200 wine was under $10. I think Craig and friends bought a couple of cases as a joke. It was never good, but I think it showed better last year than now.
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