Saturday dinner pairings

Once a quarter we have a group of 8 who get together at one another?s
houses for a ?gourmet dinner?. An excuse to indulge in food and wine ?
lots of each. For me, pairing wines is every bit as much a part of the
event as is the cooking. This Saturday, the dinner is at our place.
Thought I?d share the menu and pairings with you so you can kibbitz
and make me wish I had an unlimited supply in the cellar!
Appetizer ? home made anchoiade served on a variety of crudités and
crackers. Served with chilled Roederer Estate Brut (magnum).
First course ? Pear / leek vichyssoise. Served with our own ?06
Marsanne /
Viognier blend, although some may choose to continue with
the Roederer.
Second course ? scallops served atop a bed of leeks sautéed in a
reduced vermouth / crème fraiche sauce. Served with the Marsanne /
Viognier as above.
Main course ? seared (rare) duck breasts, sliced atop a bed of spinach
with a reduced post sauce. Accompanied with a potato au gratin
?Forestier? (an au gratin that also has two kinds of wild or exotic
mushroom). Served with a ?99 Rochebelle (magnum).
Dessert ? homemade chocolate / raspberry torte. Served with ???
unknown. One of the guests will be bringing a ?surprise? dessert wine.
OK ? bring it on ? how would you improve the pairings?
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Sounds like a great meal. And pairings sound fine. That of course won't stop me from sounding off with opinions.
I think Marsanne/Viognier sounds pretty cool with the vichyssoise. I just wonder if varieties with more acidity might cut through the creme fraiche sauce with the scallops better? On the other hand, you might be trying to match with the vermouth flavors.
Rare duck and Bdx is a pretty good combination (you are talking the St Emilion?). And fine with the mushrooms, too. But if it were me I might consider a bigger Burgundy or other PN, as both have an affinity for duck AND mushrooms. But definitely needs to be one with some heft, so Bdx is safer if you don't have a weighty PN.
I think you're fine as you are, but I am opinionated and can never resist commenting. :)
You have lucky guests.
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Roederer Estate Brut is GREAT stuff...enjoy!!!
I would stay with Roederer!!
How about an off dry Reisling?
I prefer Burgundy with rare duck. Or Oregon Pinot.
I like coffee with my dessert and do the Dessert wine separate from the actual dessert.
But all you are doing looks GREAT!!!
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Richard Neidich
I have never had a reduced post sauce. I would guess you would use a well-cured oak post and boil it down with some liquid, such as wine. Pehaps you are thinking the Rochebelle may be a bit lacking in oak, and the post sauce will offset this. I likely am not the only one who sometimes makes typos, and spell checkers do not catch one when the typo produces a word other than intended :-) .
In general, your food and wine matching seems to be good. Each of us might match in a somewhat different way, depending on our likes and what wine we have on hand.
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Heck no, I would never reduce an oak post. No, this is a treated pine post, definitely superior for reduction. It helps to bring out the best in both the chemical treatment, and the pine sap. ;-)
Nice catch. Wish I could say it was the only typo I'll make today but that would simply be a lye.
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Your vichyssoise is intriguing! What variety will you use, and will you put a will you cook them, or put a fresh blended pear in after the base is cooled? And whose Rhone blend are you thinking of using? and do you have room for two more??
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The pear is diced and then cooked and belnded right along with the potato and leek. In last night's soup, we used both red bartlett and comice, but have successfully used bosc and green bartlett in the past. The more aromatic the better. HIghly recommended as a cleaner, more vibrant vichyssoise.
The wine is not one you'll come across in a store - comes from my own little vineyard and winery! 70% Marsanne and 30% Viognier.
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