St Emilion / Bordeaux visit

I'm holidaying in the St Emilion, Bordeaux area mid-October (1st visit) for just over a week and would welcome any recommendations on must-sees and must-dos.
Cheers! Martin
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Martin Field

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Richard N has said it all. The town itself is quite charming, you will miss the big event which happens in september when the official start of the harvest is decreed ( even if half the grapes are already harvested as happens from time to time) Be sure to go to Bergerac as well it is a nice town on the river with lots of history even if Cryano never really lived there (even as a fictional character the Bergerac connection was fictional, read the book)
One of the high points of my visit was lunch at a vinyard . . .I have a few (too few as I realize) pictures on my website
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