Suggestions for a good on line wine retailer?

This is my first visit to and I've learned quite a bit in just
a few minutes, thank you. Can anyone suggest an on line wine retailer with a
robust inventory, and the willingness to supply just about any wine
requested. Preferably on the west coast (Seattle area) to cut down on
freight cost and time? I have looked into a couple and find their selections
limited. It would be nice to read about a wine and know I can buy it without
putting a 1000 miles on my car searching around :) - Thanks, GB
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Grampa Bob
You may want to try costco. They ship locally in Washington State. Here's their web site --->
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Click on wine in the center column and you'll be on your way!
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In article , "Grampa Bob" writes:
Garagiste in Seattle is a great retailer,but as they specialize in small production wines maybe not what you're looking for.
In California K & L, the Wine Club, HiTimes, and Premier Cru all have their adherents (PC is one I use the most,, others should be easy to google).
Good luck! Dale
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Dale Williams
I'd like to mention,, and The first two are small but have things I can't find elsewhere, Sams is in Chicago- but has great selection.
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kenneth mccoy
Thank you John, Dale, & Kenneth for your great suggestions. I've already made some headway. I'm looking forward to returning the favor - Thanks, Bob
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Grampa Bob

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