TN: 12 Leoville Poyferre, 1 Latour a Pomerol

Our group met at Bobby Vans in Midtown East for a Leoville Poyferre vertical last night. We started with a U. Collin Champagne, which I liked but didn?t note bottling (though I recall a 2017 disgorgement). I had wedge salad, ribeye, spinach, and a couple of fries.
1966 Ch. Leoville-Poyferre
More cedar, tobacco and herb than fruit, but fresh and tangy. I liked a lot. B+
1978 Ch. Leoville-Poyferre
a bit volatile on nose, quite tired, though drinkable. B-/C+
(this had a more saturated cork than other bottles of this)
1985 Ch. Leoville-Poyferre
Divided table a bit, I was on pro side. Black cherry and cigarbox, good acids, resolved tannins. This was a bit murky (I had to transport without d-decanting). I thought this very 1985, which is a good thing. B+
1989 Ch. Leoville-Poyferre
This didn?t do as well at showing 1989 as the ?85 showed ?85ness. Some dry tannin, clunky cassis fruit, a bit of tobacco. Seemed low acid and a touch dull. Not awful by any means, but ?89 Northern Medocs should be stars. B-/B
1995 Ch. Leoville-Poyferre
Sweet cassis fruit but somewhat monolithic - this needs a lot of time. B+
1996 Ch. Leoville-Poyferre
This is also young with big vibrant cassis fruit, but there is some interesting forest floor. Leather, and tobacco notes, tannins are smoother, drinking better than ?95 today. A-
1982 Ch. Leoville-Poyferre
Full and lush but with an acidic backbone. Rich but elegant wine with black currant, mocha, cedar and a hint of herbs. A-/A
1990 Ch. Leoville-Poyferre
Manly yes but I like it too Muscular but balanced, lovely. A-
2000 Ch. Leoville-Poyferre
There was a surprising green note- I called piney, Suzanne called weedy- as well as some vanillin oak, medium black fruit, not so long. This was a surprise to me. B/B-
2001 Ch. Leoville-Poyferre
The modern modern style showing in some mocha notes, sweet cassis, but there is balancing acid and tannin to give structure. B+/B

2003 Ch. Leoville-Poyferre
So good news is this isn?t really roasted, but it is superripe, and a little heat is peeking out. Big sweet fruit, cassis with some vanilla and anise. B-
2004 Ch. Leoville-Poyferre
Wow, this is dark- like old school Cahors black wine. Thick extracted, oak, blackberry. Really just not my style B-/C+
Usual 3-2-1 voting, somehow ended up with 2 extra points,but group preferences were clear
1982 23 pts
1990 20 pts
1996 9 pts
1995 3 pts
1985 1 pt
Tuesday a friend came over for dinner- he brought smoked fish canapes, I had sous vide salmon, some leftover steak, broccoli, mushrooms, and salad
1985 Latour a Pomerol
Black plum, cigarbox, touch of woodfire and earth. Really in a nice place. But no hurry here. A-
2018 Couronneau Bordeaux Blanc
Peach and citrus, a bit of hay/grass, good though could use a tad more cut, but good value. B-/B
Grade disclaimer: I'm a very easy grader, basically A is an excellent wine, B a good wine, C drinkable. Anything below C means I wouldn't drink at a party where it was only choice.Furthermore, I offer no promises of objectivity, accuracy, and certainly not of consistency.
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