TN: 9 bottles (8 red, 1 white) of Cos d'Estournal

6 of our Bdx group regulars and 2 guests met at Bobby Van?s for a Cos d?Estournel vertical Tues night Nice group, I enjoyed my crab cakes and ribeye( and B-sprouts, fries, hash browns, missed out on the spinach) as well as the company.
1995 Charles Heidsieck ?Blanc de Millenaires? Champagne Apple, peach and croissant, lively, good length, high dosage. B+/A-
2014 Cos d?Estournel Blanc My first time tasting this. Pear, grapefruit and oak, flavor profile like an oaked Loire, but without the snap. Think a rounder Dagueneau. Perfectly pleasant, but poor QPR. But really fun to try. B-/B
The reds 1982 Ch. Cos d?Estournel I think others liked a lot more than I did. Some leathery brett, dark fruits, more advanced than most 82 classed growths I?ve had recently. B
1985 Ch. Cos d?Estournel This is about as close to elegant as you?re going to get with Cos. Red cherry, tobacco, a little lead pencil. Full and powerful but with balance. B+/A-
1986 Ch. Cos d?Estournel Fresh cassis fruit, powerful, extracted without being heavy. Some coffee/mocha. A-/B+
1989 Ch. Cos d?Estournel This is tannic, tight and surly. Not like other ?89s I?ve had recently. Not fun. B- for drinking this night
1990 Ch. Cos d?Estournel Ripe , smoky, pushing the edge but I liked. B+
1995 Ch. Cos d?Estournel More open than expected but still young, this has a lot of potential. Black fruited, B/B+ for now but think this will be quite good
2000 Ch. Cos d?Estournel Ripe but with tangy acids, cassis and black olive, I think this will be good, lots of potential. For now B/B+
2003 Ch. Cos d?Estournel Jammy, a little volatile note, tannic. I think others liked more than me but that didn?t take much. I?ve had 2003 Medocs I like, this just wasn?t one. B-/C+
Group voting 1985 19 1986 17 1982 6 1990 3 1995 3
Grade disclaimer: I'm a very easy grader, basically A is an excellent wine, B a good wine, C drinkable. Anything below C means I wouldn't drink at a party where it was only choice.Furthermore, I offer no promises of objectivity, accuracy, and certainly not of consistency.
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