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What could go wrong with a half bottle of 1995 Louis Latour Meursault-Perri
eres? Well, lots. While everyone talks about ‘96 and premox, ?
?95s are just as subject, it’s just people had lower expectations
. And it’s Louis Latour. And it’s a 375 ml. On the other ha
nd, it’s Meursault Perrieres. OK, the answer. While it’s go
t some nutty notes, it’s not totally oxidized, so a bit above expec
tations. However, it can’t overcome it’s Latour-ness, so it
’s on the flat, fat, and uninteresting side. C+
So with my leftovers (chicken) I switched to the 2014 Edmunds St John Gama
y Noir. Light color, full flavor, red cherry and raspberry, a little meat,
floral/violet aromas. Pretty and fun. B+
Friday we grilled tuna steaks, served with the 2015 Jane et Sylvain Bourgog
ne Rouge. Crunchy red fruits (cranberry/raspberry), some herbs, lighter bod
ied but with good finish. B
Then met some friends and went to see the Bill Charlap Trio (one friend was
his original drummer. Great show, and we had some speck and tapenade. I tr
ied 2 BTG (menu didn’t list vintages, and on most wines not produce
r, but I draw the line at latter).
San Matteo Gavi - sweet peach, citrus, a little straw, a bit short and fat.
Alois Lageder Chardonnay- hey, pretty nice. Citrus and seashell, good acids
, I could have been convinced it was Chablis. B
Saturday a 7 AM speech (!?!?), a bit of work, a farmers market, and then to
New Rochelle for a wake/visitation. John Dawson was a great guy, and the
wine geek most responsible for my love of Riesling. Wanted to toast him tha
t night, but thought his beloved Prum not the best match for Spanish macker
el, so I went with dry Riesling. The 2016 Battenfeld Spanier Moelsheim Ri
esling Trocken was bright, gingery, with citrus and slatey minerals. Good l
ength, and a good wine to toast a passed friends. B++
Sunday Betsy’s quartet played a benefit concert for my organization
, afterwards I made her a pre-birthday dinner- flank steak, grilled leeks,
potato timbales, and salad. I’ve heard that DDC has made a turn to
the modern, but the 1998 Domaine de Chevalier rouge is still in classic mod
e. Red and black current, earth, smoke, and some tobacco. Midbodied, nicely
balanced, good length. B+
Monday was her actual birthday, we went to Bread and Brine for steamers, fi
sh tacos, octopus, and poke bowl. I had a glass of the 2015 Jolivet Sauvign
on Blanc, a little grassy, some grapefruit, not too long. B-/C+
Grade disclaimer: I'm a very easy grader, basically A is an excellent wine,
B a good wine, C drinkable. Anything below C means I wouldn't drink at a p
arty where it was only choice.Furthermore, I offer no promises of objectivi
ty, accuracy, and certainly not of consistency.
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ROFLMAO! That now ranks as my favorite tasting note of 2017, Dale. Well put.
Ranking among the least surprising tasting notes of 2017. Bone Jolly is about as sure a thing as there is in domestic Gamay, not that there's all that much competition. Apropos of that, I'll throw out the only other domestic Gamays that grace our table: Vincent Gamay Noir (Oregon) and Chateau Gamay Noir (Michigan). Bone Jolly is still the gold standard, though.
Sorry to hear about John Dawson, Dale. Nice tribute. I really like most of Battenfeld Spanier's wines.
Yes, DDC is one of the few remaining holdouts, it would seem, in Bdx.
Mark Lipton
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Mark Lipton
??s on the flat,
Mine too. Never had Vincent or Chateau Gamay Noir. Is Chateau name of winer y, or Chateau Gamay?
I think no longer a holdout, by 2005 pretty glossy, I was just unsure when switch (1998 is the cusp vintage for Pape Clement, for instance)
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