TN: Dujac, Brun (nouveau), Keller, Pepiere, etc

Monday was wineless , Tuesday was artic char, brown rice with furikake, and
asparagus; wine was the 2014 Couly-Dutheil 'les Chanteaux" Chinon Blanc. A
pples, wool, a light waxy note, sec-tendre. Pleasant and typical bottle of
Chenin. B/B-
Wednesday Betsy made an Asian-ish shrimp and napa cabbage stew, wine was th
e 2014
Keller Trocken. I'm not always on Keller bandwagon but this is a pretty ser
ious value at $17. Citrus and mineral, stony in all the right ways. Pretty
much all I could ask for in dry Riesling at this pricepoint. B++
Thursday broiled some salmon to accompany vegetable leftovers and opened th
e 2015 Brun/Terres Dorees "L'Ancien" Beaujolais Nouveau. My first BN in cou
ple of years. Actually pretty enjoyable- fresh, fruity, fun. There's even a
little earth and underbrush. Not seeking more, but glad to try. B/B-
Friday Betsy had a concert in city and I just cleaned out fridge of leftove
rs and enjoyed remainders of the Keller and the Brun BN. Saturday we went t
o a Nikolaus party (German outdoor holiday party). The mulled wine was bett
er than most (not cloying), but I carried along a couple of bottles- one as
gift and one as non-mulled non-warm sipper. Pretty pleased with the 2014 P
avillon de Chavannes "Cuvee des Ambassades" Cote de Brouilly. Red and black
cherries, anise, earth, plenty of fruit, lots of acid. Bright and fiesty.
Back home I had dinner prepped- just a few minutes to do broiled local mack
erel, quinoa, and a claytonia salad. Wine was the 2010 Pepiere "Clisson" Mu
scadet. Rounder and fuller than the Briords, but still with a vibrant acidi
c core. Seashells, wet stones, and lemon. Acids stand up well to the oily f
ish, very nice indeed. A-
Friday had been Betsy's birthday, I couldn't attend her concert so took her
to dinner at St. George in Hastings Sunday night. She had oysters, ribeye
steak frites, and spinach; I had Little Gem salad with horesradish/dijon dr
essing and cured pork blade with carrots and potatoes. Wine was the 2006 Du
jac Morey-St-Denis. I was a little worried this might be closed, and it did
seem a touch tight, but I had double-decanted and by time we got to beef a
nd pork (neither oysters or horseradish mustard dressing really scream "red
Burg!:) it was showing pretty well. Fairly powerful, black cherry and a to
uch of coffee and sandalwood, ripe but balanced. Some earthy notes towards
end. Lovely rich red Burg. Hope the waitstaff enjoyed rest! B+/A-
Monday was tomato/olive/feta/peashoot pizza and a sumac/tahini slaw, but no
wine. :)
Grade disclaimer: I'm a very easy grader, basically A is an excellent wine,
B a good wine, C drinkable. Anything below C means I wouldn't drink at a p
arty where it was only choice.Furthermore, I offer no promises of objectivi
ty, accuracy, and certainly not of consistency.
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Was this the "S" bottling or Von der Fels? In the past, I've found Keller's wines good but not awe inspiring, but I don't usually buy GG bottlings, either.
Hmmm... New producer to me. Will have to look for this.
I just opened one of these recently (my last) with similar results. One thing that struck me was the feeling of greater dry extract (a rounder mouthfeel) compared to the Briords. It's an interesting take on Muscadet, but not necessarily my ideal for the grape.
I opened one of these a couple of years ago and was surprised at how big and masculine it seemed. I'm hanging on to the rest of mine for a few more years in the hopes that they gain more finesse.
Thanks for the interesting notes, Dale! Mark Lipton
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Mark Lipton
It's 2014 Keller Riesling Trocken, no S on label (definitely not the Von der Fels. AP #12 (15) I've thought the higher end Kellers (in my limited experience) good but not justifying price. This is good enough value to restock
I believe story is a hunk of production historically goes to Foreign Ministry for embassies. I like in any case
Yes, finesse is not the strongpoint at moment. But pretty nice wine!
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