TN: Lots of wines with porcelet and more

With scallops with a mango salsa, the 2007 Pepiere Granite de Clisson Musca
det. . I had this on deck Monday but it never got called up,. Full, richer
styled Muscadet, saline and citrus, very good length. A-/B+
With tuna simmered in a tomato/olive/caper sauce, the 2013 Chidaine Tourain
e Rose. Light, fresh, strawberry and orange peel, pleasant. B
Friday I did roast chicken and vegetables, and opened the 2001 Luisin "Magg
iur" Nebbiolo Langhe
This was a bottle I didn't intend to age this much, and my original intenti
ons were correct. Soft, round, empty, and tired. C
Life is too short for overaged Langhe, so I opened an upright bottle of 199
8 Ch. Grand Corbin Despagne. Drinking quite well. The oak of youth has fade
d, leaving only a light mocha note. Cassis, that mocha, and a bit of leathe
r, nice texture/mouthfeel. Medium-bodied, ready. I don't think anything to
be gained by further cellaring here, unlike the more traditional '98 St. Em
ilions. B+
Saturday was chicken sausage and squash, with the 2011 JP Brun/Terres Doree
s Fleurie. I'm a big 2011 fan, and a big Brun fan, but I didn't care for th
is much originally. Firm, juicy, but with a big dose of a "potted plant/ger
anium" - an odd aroma (more than taste) that I more commonly get in Loire g
amay. A small taste on the second night dropped the plant tones, though som
e oxidation showed through. Night one, C+ for my idiosyncratic tastes
Sunday we went to meet friends at Juniper in Hastings for their Porcelet de
Lait (Suckling Pig) dinner. Our group of six lucked into the lone outside
table on an absolutely gorgeous night. We started with biscuits with ham an
d maple butter, along with a bottle of the Jacquesson "Cuvee 736" Champagne
. Bone dry, crisp, full-bodied, with creamy overtones over pear tarte and b
read notes. I like this a lot. A-
First course was coppa di testa (head cheese). Topped with an amazing lovag
e cream, shaved cucumber, microherbs, and chili oil. Yum!
Marc had brought a mag of 2009 Breton "Trinch" Bourgueil. Fresh and bright,
juicy red currant and black plum, spicy. B/B+
Next up was pork belly (kind of a confit prep), with fennel, dill, and a ra
w oyster. Next wine was the 2002 Domaine Coste-Caumartin "Les Fremiers" Pom
mard 1er Cru. Pleasant, ripe, easy, red fruit and sandalwood though this is
more on the elegant side than the powerful wine I'd expect from a 2002 Pom
mard. B/B+
Then sausage with tallegio, wonderful spring peas, asparagus, & salsa verde
. Last savory course was a smoked pork chop, with cherries and grilled onio
ns. Finally a dessert course was bacon custard with ginger snaps and peach.
Food was great, company and setting even better.
Grade disclaimer: I'm a very easy grader, basically A is an excellent wine,
B a good wine, C mediocre. Anything below C means I wouldn't drink at a pa
rty where it was only choice.Furthermore, I offer no promises of objectivit
y, accuracy, and certainly not of consistency.
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Permit me to say that I hugely enjoy your comments on the wines you drink with food that also sounds enticing. Though my pleasure is vicarious, it is genuine!
Greetings to all, Charley
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Charles Milton Ling

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