TN: More lockdown wines (with a little visitation): Bdx, Burg, Napa, Nahe,. Champagne

Friday was honey/chile chicken wings, bok choy and rice 2001 La Grave a Pomerol Recipe was from Food and Wine and suggested Merlot, so here goes. Black and red plums, a light mocha note, some backbone, easy drinking, but not a great match. B/B+
2007 Schafer Frohlich Monzinger Halenberg Riesling Spatlese Better with the sweetness of the wings. White pit fruit, pineapple, lush and rich but with solid acidic backbone. Big but not ungainly, powerful Spatlese with plenty of sweetness but nothing cloying. A-
Saturday we had Betsy?s sister for a social distanced visit in backyard. We enjoyed smoked duck breast, pate de campagne, NV Bremont Cuvee Prestige Brut Champagne I know several knowledgeable people who advocate aging good NV, but it tends to get drink too fast at our house. But a few months ago I discovered a forgotten 6 pack of this that I had bought from a DI friend at least 6 years before (maybe 10). Those people are right! Just lovely, full and bready but also lively. White fruit (pear and apple), baking bread dough, a touch of cinnamon spiciness. Fine mousse, long finish. A-/B+
Dinner was sea bass, quinoa, greens 1999 Stony Hill Chardonnay I noticed one bottle of this seemed a bit darker than others, so popped. Rich honied pear and apple fruit, good acids, some vanilla and lemon curd. Holds up well over evening, my premox worries misplaced. B+/B
2007 Drouhin Puligny-Montrachet My premox worries here were well-placed. Looks ok in bottle but quickly browns as poured, apple cider, and not fun apple cider. C
Sunday was lovely, more like late spring, and some friends came over and sat far away.. They had brought (2 trays) of smoked salmon canapes and deviled eggs, we had made (2 trays) of toast with crab and brown butter mayo, with some Jonah crab claws on the side
2007 Huet Le Mont Vouvray Sec Stony, wooly, waxy, lovely. Just a hint of sweetness, snappy acids, quite long. B+/A-
Dinner was beef stew (mushrooms, cognac/Dijon sauce ) and salad, wine was the 2008 Dubreuil-Fontaine "Epenots" Pommard 1er. Pretty ready, balanced, black cherry and some earth. Not compelling but pleasant. B/B+
Grade disclaimer: I'm a very easy grader, basically A is an excellent wine, B a good wine, C drinkable. Anything below C means I wouldn't drink at a party where it was only choice.Furthermore, I offer no promises of objectivity, accuracy, and certainly not of consistency.
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