TN: Muscadet and Pinot Noirs

On Friday, with a Thai dinner, I opened a bottle of the '04 Luneau-Papin
L D'Or Muscadet
nose: intense flint and citrus
palate: minerals, rich mouthfeel, fruit, intensity
Wow! From the nose, I'd have thought that this was a Premier Cru Chablis
that I was smelling, but it tasted like Muscadet, only moreso. This was
a profound wine, and one that I'm glad that I have more of.
On Sunday, with a dinner of braised duck with turnips, we opened a
bottle of the '99 Ponzi Pinot Noir Reserve
n: initially, dark, indeterminate fruit; later, round, red fruits
p: initially, reticent with dark fruit, but later opening up and
rounding out to show more typical Pinot red fruit and more of a velvety
A lesson learned. I was ready to give up on this wine as an
overextracted monster for the first half hour, but with time and
exposure to air it took on a more nuanced and perfumed character. If
you've got this wine, hang onto it for a while longer or decant it ahead
of time.
Tonight, with a dinner of roast chicken and mashed potatoes, we opened a
bottle of the 2004 Robert Chevillon Burgundy:
n: very closed in with hints of bright cherry fruit
p: medium body, bright acidity, cherryish fruit, very tight
We put the unconsumed half of this bottle in the fridge for later
examination, in the hopes that the wine will open up a bit more. Still,
it was quite tasty.
Mark Lipton
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Mark Lipton
Nice note. Luneau-Papin rivals Pepiere as my favorite Nantais producer.
I couldn't find the Chevillon Bourgogne this year, I do have some village and 1er NSGs. I'm waiting.
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Our bottle came from Sam's and isn't a KL import. I don't know if he gets a different cuveé or anything, but they still have some (for $22 a bottle).
Mark Lipton
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Mark Lipton
Update: Andrew and I are baching it tonight while Jean finishes a proposal at work, so I eat some leftover roast chicken and pour myself a bit of the Chevillon. Deeper, sappy, more rounded and altogether yummy. I'd say to get some and put it away for a couple of years.
Mark Lipton
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Mark Lipton

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