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I forgot one bottle from Saturday's dinner, for the Champagne adverse I had
a white with the canapes, the 2013 Zilliken Ockfener Bockstein Riesling K
abinett. My tangerine dream! Plenty of acid to balance the Spatlese level s
ugar, citrus fruit, some green apple, good mineral finish. I'm usually more
Rausch centric but like this a lot. A-/B+
Sunday was just leftovers with leftover wine, and then Monday I did mushroo
ms and fried rice, but a volunteer was sick and so I filled in leading a gr
oup from John Jay College around city- wineless evening. . So by Tuesday I
was ready to pull a cork with some brined and dry-rubbed grilled pork chops
, squash, and broccoli. , But too tired to walk down to cellar, so opened a
bottle that had been brought by a guest Saturday. The 2010 Seguin-Manuel "
Champinots" Beaune 1er was medium bodied, fleshy red fruits, a bit short. I
've like Seguin-Manuel whites before, this is my first red, pleasant enough
but not looking for more. B-
Wednesday chicken yakitori, brown rice with nori, and an Asian slaw. The 20
13 Algueira Mencía is a delight. Light, fresh, with black raspberries and
peppery fruit. There's both acidic and tannic structure here despite the l
ighter profile, wouldn't be afraid to age this a bit. B+
Thursday squid and mussels with zucchini over pasta, along with grilled asp
aragus and the 2007 Domaine & Selection ( Clotilde Davenn) "Blanchot" Chab
lis Grand Cru. Moderate acids, full bodied, lemony, decent Chardonnay witho
ut much sense of place. B/B-
Friday we had 2 couples over for dinner. Started with olives, nuts, taramas
alata canapes, and the NV Bernard Bremont "Cuvee Prestige" Grand Cru Champa
gne. Full but zesty, fresh acids, elegant and balanced, citrus and bread,
this remains one of my favorite NV Champagnes. A-
First course was grilled littlenecks with garlic and lemon, with a couple o
f whites
2006 Pascal Cotat "Les Monts Damnes" Sancerre
Fresh, minerally, quite full, grapefruit, but really rocks dominate. I like
this a lot. A-
2011 Nusserhof Bianco
Not really what I expected of a Sudtirol white. A little oily, piney, soft
acids, a touch dilute, this reminded me more of a Rhone white. Not really m
y cuppa, others liked more. C+
Main course with paprika chicken with a green herb sauce, accompanied by a
kale/squash dish, rice, and salad. Cheeses followed.
1970 Ch.Gloria
Red and black plums, fruit is surprisingly fresh, some tobacco, this is so
ft and not especially complex but holding well. B/B+
1996 Ch Lagrange (St. Julien)
With some time in the decanter this is showing quite well. Cassis and black
cherry, a little mocha, incipient cedar. Nice acid/tannin/fruit balance, n
ice length. To me this is beginning to drink well with air, no hurry. A-/B+
2007 Chandon de Briailles "Île de Vergelesses" Pernand-Vergelesses
While I think 2007s are in general drinking well now, this seems closed in.
With some air can coax some red fruits, smoke, earth. I'm going to try to
leave last couple alone for a while. B- this night
1971 Sterling Pinot Noir
The 44 year old Napa is a comparative fruit bomb. Darker fruits, sweet, a t
amari meets sesame note. Unusual, not very Pinoty, but interesting and all
fine tasty. B
Grade disclaimer: I'm a very easy grader, basically A is an excellent wine,
B a good wine, C drinkable. Anything below C means I wouldn't drink at a p
arty where it was only choice.Furthermore, I offer no promises of objectivi
ty, accuracy, and certainly not of consistency.
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DaleW wrote in news:
I had a 2010 today, and found a bit meh. Had one a couple of years ago, which was all based on acidity. One from today was not high on acid, but a bit lacking character, like a diluted wine.
Not that I am the biggest fan of Sancerre, but I thought my bottle was way below its price tag.
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Lots of varying opinions on Cotat(s) , but just surprised at diluted comment. Most people I know who don't care for the Cotat cousins' wines, but usually based on idea they are too big. I haven't had any 2010s I think.
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