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Aahhh... I was wondering if you would pull the cork on one of those Ports on "Turkey Day." Of the '82 and '87 Martinez I would expect the former to be a lighter style as you said showing "fully resolved tannins". I think '82 was not widely declared by major Port houses? I have yet to have a big enough group around worth opening a full bottle of either, but I am glad to see that the '82 was at least enjoyable for the price. I am curious as to how the '87 shows...
With Thanksgiving Brooke and I enjoyed a '01 Sinskey Carneros Pinot and a '01 Shafer Merlot being that we are in California for the time being... :) Both were nice wines with the Sinskey surprisingly being very closed for the first 45 minutes or so. The Shafer too put on considerable weight after about an hour and showed well for a Cali- Merlot. Maybe both a sign of the good 2001 vintage? Although both were in a complete different class than my newly beloved '01 Paloma Merlot the Shafer is a pretty god buy. But that Paloma is really unique...
As always Dale, very enjoyable notes. Thank you.
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I think '82/'83 was a split, with more houses declaring '83. To date this is only my second '82, though I've had lots of '83s. The '83s were indeed bigger, but ny sample isn't big enough to know whether that was vintage character, or reflection ofd house styles.
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