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I was supposed to fly to Medford OR to attend Betsy’s quartet conce rt in Ashland Sat. Got up at 3 AM, got to Newark, everything was looking go od as I boarded for first leg to Detroit But deplaned after an hour, ground hold in Detroit. It became apparent I wasn’t going to make OR befo re they needed to leave, so eventually made it to Sacramento (after 8 hours in Minneapolis airport) and Ubered to meet 4tet in Williams. Too tired for wine. Up next AM to drive to Mendocino (staying in lovely guest house in r edwoods), excellent concert that day in Mendocino, then to Noyo Harbor Inn in Ft Bragg for dinner. Nice room with view of harbor and seals, I had shr imp/octopus/chorizo skewer on saffron rice, with duck/mushroom rigatoni, tr ied Betsy’s Brussels sprouts and steak as well.
2015 Fathers & Daughters Sauvignon Blanc Ferrington Vineyard Slightly musky canteloupe notes, round, florl, not quite zippy enough for m e, but pleasant and popular. B/B-
2014 Lula Pinot Noir Unsure of any vineyard designation, just had a tiny taste Ripe, cola and ki rsch, not really my style , others liked. B-/C+
2001 d’Angerville “Champans” Volnay 1er I had brought this as our anniversary is this week. A little miscommunicati on with (nice) waitstaff, I had asked it to be chilled for a few minutes, t hen opened and out at room temp. When I asked for it to be brought out with our mains, the cold bottle (they had taken out of ice, and put into fridge ) was then uncorked. Pretty tight and tart at first. Opened towards end, bl ack cherry with a little coffee and earth. Pretty tasty by end (from a hail year). B/B+
Monday we went to Mendocino cafe, dinner was shrimp/cabbage dumpling, saute ed calamari, petrale sole, rockfish. 3 WBTG (vintages unknown)
Navarro Rose- soft, strawberries, a little flat, I wondered if this had bee n opened a while (or was older vintage) Scharffenberger Brut -crisp, tart , a little thin, but good with food Hendry Albarino - interesting, though I’d not have picked as Albari no blind, not the saline minerality I get in Galician Albarino. Peach, gree n apple, clean.
On way from Mendocino to Sacramento we stopped at Navarro. Nice tasting, kn owledgable guy. Discussed smoke taint, filtering, etc. I bought the 2014 l ’ancienne PN (unfiltered version), which I thought nicely balanced. Also enjoyed the 2017 Edelzwicker (Gewurz PG Riesling) which was soft but with a nice spicy note, off dry. The 2017 SB was good in a round sort of wa y, but the Pinot Gris left me cold. The Navarrouge (Zin/PN I think) was ok fro $18 tag,
No wine Tuesday at a sushi place in Sac.
Grade disclaimer: I'm a very easy grader, basically A is an excellent wine, B a good wine, C drinkable. Anything below C means I wouldn't drink at a p arty where it was only choice.Furthermore, I offer no promises of objectivi ty, accuracy, and certainly not of consistency.
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Bummer. '01s can be hard to start with.
Good to hear about the '14 L'Ancienne. We usually get a mixed case from Navarro 1-2 times a year. Jean's a big fan. Their dry Gewurz and Pinot Blanc are two of our favorite wines there.
Nice to hear about your travels. That's one of our favorite spots on Earth, but we don't get back there so often now that my mother is gone. We might have to change that.
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