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Re: Food matching - Wild salmon
In article , (simobap) writes: Hi Simon, I won't suggest individual wines, as I have no idea where you are and what's available. Or your budget. But a couple of thoughts Asparagus can be a very tough...
16 years ago 12
July Gavroche Lunch Notes
Lunch notes from Vancouver: 2001 Suavia Monte Carbonare Soave - ripe almond and citrus nose, lots of acidity, refreshing and clean - a much needed reminder about how good Soaves can be. 2001 Guilhem...
16 years ago 1
Status: Wine Shipping in Texas
Folks, Here is the latest on the changes to the rules for shipping wine into Texas to individuals... Drew Spencer ***** From Les Constable, Brushy Creek Vineyard To Interested Wine Consumers Subject...
16 years ago 1
A Couple of Italians
A quick note on a couple of Italians: 1993 Marchesi di Gresy Villa Martis - a blend of Nebbiolo and Barbera, this wine had little to commend itself to me. Generic and uninteresting nose, and more of...
16 years ago 2
TN: Erbes, Seghesio, and really unfiltered Chard
Wednesday midday the clouds looked threatening, but by evening they'd blown away and we had a warm but pleasant evening. A cool breeze off the river during a jazz concert helped. As did the 2001 Karl...
16 years ago
Euro versus the US dollar
I notice that over the last couple months the Euro has slid back about 8% against the US dollar. Maybe I'll still be able to afford European wines after all. Of course that still leaves it up 25% plus...
16 years ago
wine shipping relaxations
I see in the Wall Street Journal today that both UPS and FedEx are relaxing restrictions on shipping wine purchased by the consumer at a winery. The list of allowable destination states for UPS went...
16 years ago 2
Get a life. I love you people. You feel safe enough to attack anyone from your home. Why not post your name phone and address with your attacks The StampFair Post Your Stamps For Free!!
16 years ago
2002 Marquis Philips Syrah - 2002 Compared to 2001
I think Parker rated the 2001 Marquis Philips Syrah and 2001 Marquis Philips Sarah's blend at 93 points. Has anyone heard how should the 2002 compare? A little off topic. But as regards the 2001...
16 years ago 1
United States Wine Trivia
The higher the alcohol content in wine, the higher the tax imposed by the IRS on wineries! E.g., $1.07/gallon for still table wines of 14% or less, $1.57 over 14%, and $3.40 for sparkling wines. The...
16 years ago
Yakima Valley bike tour (Second installment)
I'll try to be brief here. We visited a lot of wineries. Monday Claar Cellars The sever wanted to talk about how great her wines were, and give us a wine education. She talked entirely too much, and...
16 years ago
TN: Pair of satellites, better than it should be old deuxieme,etc.
My parents were in town, we went out to a local restaurant. Nice thick wine list, I think my hopes got up, but it turned out to be a fairly pedestrian list (the thickness came from pages of blurbs...
16 years ago
Wine at least 7000 years old
______________________________________ The above page is by the University of Pennsylvania's Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology. The oldest known chemical signature of wine was detected in a...
16 years ago 5
Re: TN: Langtry Meritage North Coast Red Wine 1995
In article , "Kirk-O-Scottland" writes: Glad you liked it. I generally find this wine quite nice (current versions retail for about $40-45). I believe Lily Langtry used to own the vineyard. I don't...
16 years ago 2
Re: Impressions from first tasting in Napa
It's good to know that someone else enjoys these wines as much as I do. I've really only tasted their Pinot Noirs and had a great tour with their assistant wine maker a few years back. Roland...
17 years ago 19