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Catching up with TN's
From the past couple o' weeks: Artadi, Rioja, Vinas de Gain, Crianza, 1997 Deeply colored dull-red. Smokey cherry with some blackcurrant in the background on the nose. Smoke, sweetish oak (but okay,...
17 years ago
Wineman Australia
Why not look at for an interesting selection of wines. Thank you
17 years ago
Link to WS Reviews
Here is a link that contains all of the Wine Spectator reviews for all regions for the last twelve months. I too take these reviews with a grain of salt but this link is pretty well navigated a makes...
17 years ago
Re: Deteriorating champagne?
Definjitely yes. That very much depends on the definition of "undrinkable". While it seriously will be way over the hill (and won't deliver much pleasure), it certainly won't be toxic. I'd refrain...
17 years ago 5
Correct Terms
On another 'group I play on, the question arose regarding the correct "definition" for "a flights of wines." One contended that it was: "...related to the use of 'vertical' for a tasting of different...
17 years ago 7
List of french appellations - where to find it?
Hi all! Does anybody knows a website with complete list of all french appelations (AOC)? I've found one at but it seems to me not completed (doesn't contain LaTache for example...) Thanks in advance!...
17 years ago 20
TN: 2K Bdx, 98 CdP, Spanish wines, more
Betsy had left for California, teenagers were congregating at someone else's house for a change, so I was alone Friday with some leftover chicken. So I popped a 2000 Ch. Canon Moueix (Fronsac) in 375....
17 years ago 4
TN Sassicaia 1980
This was a very weak year in much of Northern Italy. I have stored this wine properly since shortly after release. The wine is medium scarlet with just a bit of age showng around the rim. It reminds...
17 years ago
TN(brief) 97 Ridge Geyserville
Although this blend includes two grapes new to me, it's 74% Zin (15% Carignane and 1% Mataro are the two oddities); that character certainly came through, but well-mixed with (I assume) notes...
17 years ago 1
Re: French Boycott 2
What?? Balls! Most French wines (and wines from everywhere else) are made to be consumed young, not to age. Perhaps 5% of the wine production benefits from age, and less than that ever get the chance...
17 years ago 24
Sam's Warehouse
If you liked Sams, youll love any of the 3 Premier Liquor stores in Buffalo, NY. Each is over 40,000 sq feet and carries 3000 to 5000 wine sku's. worth a trip
17 years ago
What to eat with PN?
Obviously, when some, if not most, of us go to a new restaurant, we look at the wine list before the menu. We pick a bottle and THEN find something to eat with it. I'm getting pretty good at finding...
17 years ago 37
Barbera d'Asti
Azienda Vitivinicola CAPRA FRANCESCO, wine producer in Mombaruzzo d'Asti. We produce the typical Asti's wines, in particular Barbera d'Asti, with natural and traditional methodologies. For more...
17 years ago
Some PN TNs
Got the opportunity to hit the roads of the Great American Southwest last week. Spent three days at a magnificent place, "L'Auberge de Sedona" in Sedona Arizona. Hardly felt a need to leave the...
17 years ago 5
Sams Wine Warehouse
Well, we finally had the opportunity to drive down to Chicago to check out the Sams Wine Warehouse. Wow, what a place! We spent about 1 1/2 hour there and I was barely able to check out the Spanish...
17 years ago 1