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Ink more expensive than champagne
Ink for home printers is now seven times more expensive than vintage champagne. Ink in a typical replacement cartridge costs about £1.70 per millilitre, compared with 1985 Dom Perignon at 23p per m...
16 years ago 8
Chateau D'Aiguilhe 2000
I opened this bottle tonight, 2000 Chateau D'Aiguilhe, Cotes de Castillon. I seemed well structured, very big for Merlot, and in a half hour it opened up quite nicely. It is much better than I expec...
16 years ago 5
Re: Question re 2K Bdx in US
Here in the San Francisco Bay Area demand for 2000 Bordeaux is huge. Costco's around here have been getting decent allocations of the usual suspects, and even the the inflated (but *relatively* in...
16 years ago 5
Re: Boxed wine suggestions; Franzia is unpalatable...
Salut/Hi Emery Davis, le/on Fri, 04 Jul 2003 12:03:27 +0200, tu disais/you said:- We'll have to arrange a comparison one day. I presume yours is Franc? Or is it one of these new-fangled Pinots?...
16 years ago 9
Re: Ohio or Michigan wine shops?
In Detroit the best one I have found so far (just moved here from NorCal) is Champanes on 13 Mile in Warren MI, which is a suburb north of the city.
16 years ago 1
Re: Screwpull knockoffs? or legitimate copies?
The ' ? ' sign before the number amount was the Euro currency sign which was not translated to the group. It appeared on my screen when I sent it, but not when viewing from the NG site.
16 years ago 6
Notes on a Gavroche Lunch
Patchen and Andrea came to Vancouver from Chicago to visit and I was fortunate enough to manage to get together for lunch today with them. 2000 Alderlea Pinot Gris - in an effort to introduce them to...
16 years ago