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Ludovic de Beausejour 2000 red
I just bought one bottle of this yesterday, it is any good? Has anyone tried this vintage. Thanks, Minh
16 years ago
Re: Tech question re humidity and vapor barriers
dwmidnt@aol.comdamnspam (Dale Williams) adds selectively..... a mid-knob setting it's not suddenly going to become Arizona-dry down there.< I'm sure you know this but for those that don't. If your d...
16 years ago
Opus Wine - Price Estimate?
A friend of mine has 17 bottles of semi-vintage wine, no bottle perhaps not more than 40 years old. In any event an auction house agreed to sell the lot of them. Typical of the selection she has is ...
16 years ago 5
Re: French Wine Sales Drop - My Opinion (NOT Political)
When I took the bottle back and told of my experience with it, the proprietor got curious enough to pour some into a glass. He took a whiff of it and visibly recoiled. "It even smells like pesticide,...
16 years ago 1
29 TNs- 00 Montrose, Turley, Margaux, 98 Grange, Centenaire 2000 etc.
Good evening all. Been a while since I posted and I just loaded a bunch of TNs to print, so enjoy if they help. Lotsa neat stuff including some hot items on the market, so hope they will be of use. T...
16 years ago 4
Montes Alpha Syrah
I bought a bottle of this a couple months ago (sorry, vintage escapes me but it was recent) and drank it the other night with dinner (sorry, the menu escapes me as well!). Got a good write up in WS (...
16 years ago 3
Yellow Tail Shiraz
I just bought this wine at TOTAL WINE. I'm looking for a light red summer wine. Thanks
16 years ago 1
Vintage Champagne for sale!!
I have two bottles of Dom Perignon for sale. They both have been properly cellared. One is a 1975 Magnum. The other is a 1985 Rose Magnum. Make a reasonable offer and you can enjoy these two fine ...
16 years ago 3
Spanish Tinto Rioja
Hi i recently visited Barcelona and tried a few wines. On of my favourites was a wine called "Tinto Rioja Castillo de Balquela" I have tried in vain to find it on the web but with no luck anybody any...
16 years ago
Wine Club
I just got information from the American Cellars Wine Club, anyone know anything about it? -- Chris Marchetti
16 years ago 1
New notes (ecletic)
I don't think this went through earlier: I apologize if this is duplicated, from recent wines tasted the past couple of weeks. Scala Dei, Priorat, "les Brugueres", 2001 This is a white wine made f...
16 years ago
Re: Maybe I just like inexpensive wine . . .
Emery, IIRC the "Perrin Reserve" label is for their nego business only. It's interesting to me that the Rhone Valley is the one region in Fracne where negociants continue to thrive, despite man...
16 years ago 2
Virtual Communities Research Report
Hi Folks! I have finished the preliminary analyses from the project you helped me with this spring. (Thank you again!) Now, I am sending a link to the research report. There are a couple of ways yo...
16 years ago 1
Split of Champagne
Okay, simple question here. I know the size of a split of champage, but when a restaurant menu lists a "Split", what does that mean? Does it mean the price for that size, or the price for that size fo...
16 years ago 17
Re: 1994 Fritz, 1990 Chapoutier
: 1990 Chapoutier Hermitage La Sizeranne - slightly hot and with a slightly corky : nose. Decent up front concentration, then immediately gets thin and acidic. A : bad bottle, but I have never found...
16 years ago 1