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What's a 'jammy' wine? Can anyone suggest a particular bottle, which exemplifies this character?
8 months ago 3
TN: Mostly good wines, served with spam and other foods
With assorted leftovers, the 2014 Brun Beaujolais Blanc. Clean and fresh Ch ardonnay, apple with a mineral finish, nice value as always. B/B+ Thursday we went to the Yonkers waterfront, where a fri...
3 years ago 1
TN: Midtier 2000 Bordeaux
On a rainy Wednesday night our Bordeaux group gathered at Mortons for a loo k at some "midtier" 2000 claret. I arrived a few minutes early, to discover I was last to arrive. A couple of Champagnes ...
3 years ago 2
Confused in China
Have just returned from six weeks in China: Shanghai, Beijing, Xi'an; Hangzhou, Sanya and few other smaller cities. This was my second visit (previous one was 3 years ago) and during that time I...
4 years ago 10
TN: value white Burg- Pernot
For meatless Monday Betsy made an excellent mushroom soup, along with some leftover lentils and a nice salad. Wine was the 2005 Pernot Bourgogne Blanc, last of a case I think. Showing quite well- ripe...
8 years ago 2
TN: wines by river, including roses, Cotes Chal., Bdx, QbA, etc
We've had great weather this week, warm but not hot, low humdity, plenty of sun. Last night there was a very good turnout for jazz at the river. The quartet was quite good, and my little group ended...
10 years ago 3
1990 Caymus Cab, 1997 Einaudi Barolo
WIth lunch of braised Kobe shortribs: 1990 Caymus Napa Cabernet- showing a touch of age with a slight brickish tint. Medium weight in the glass. Very plummy on the nose with a fair amount of dusty...
11 years ago 2
TN: Red Muscadet, Beaujolais
Monday was beef stroganoff (Betsy has 2 recipes, this is the "homier" one, straight out of a 1950s Oakland Hills neighborhood cookbook, though she uses fresh mushrooms) and brussels sprouts. Inten...
11 years ago
'97 Ridge Montebello
I opened my first bottle from a case of Ridge Montebello that I bought on release (actually 2- six packs in owc) last night. Much as I expected they are nowhere near ready to drink. The color was ...
12 years ago 4
Logic of terroir
It's becoming evident to me that (along with waves of periodic publicity, and different interpretations of the term) "terroir" as a subject of discussion evokes a variety of assumptions or "baggag...
12 years ago 16
TN: Piedmont, Loire, MSR, and Veneto
Tuesday I had a 5 PM presentation to a church charity board near Grand Central, I took train in but Betsy drove in to meet me for dinner afterwards (and chauffeur me home). She however forgot the Ri...
12 years ago
Re: Recent Experiences
Where does this come from? M.
12 years ago 8
Geatano da Forino wines?
Hello All, I am looking to get my hands on Geatano da Forino wines from Forino, Italy. This wine is sold at the owners restaruant in Dallas, TX and also sold in some local Dallas liquor stores. I ...
12 years ago 2
First Chave, Offerus 2003, then St. Josept 2004 Chave Cotes Du Rhone Mon Coeur
2004 Chave Cotes du Rhone Mon Coeur. Got 3 bottles to try. Supposed to be good. Anyone know this Cotes du Rhone? What is best food pairing suggestions?
12 years ago
Is there a legal alternative to alcohol?
The short answer is no. More precisely, if there is then it won't be for long. Technically, there are many alcohol-like substances or drugs that could be made which would be much safer to use than a...
13 years ago 2
Gabrielli Winery seeks East Coast Distributor
not requiring exclusive distributorship. also any other marketing venues will be considered. in mendocino county. 1-707-458-1221 all proposals will be considred.
13 years ago
TN: '98 Clavel 'Les Garrigues'
Opened tonight with a dinner of "St Louis ribs." c: dark garnet with no browning at the edges n: minerals, cherry, blackberry and -- yes -- garrigue p: medium-full body, acid, fruit, pencil lead, s...
13 years ago
St Emilion / Bordeaux visit
I'm holidaying in the St Emilion, Bordeaux area mid-October (1st visit) for just over a week and would welcome any recommendations on must-sees and must-dos. Cheers! Martin
13 years ago 3
Campania! Campania! Campania!
14 years ago
Australian table wines
A lot of people in this country pooh-pooh Australian table wines. This is a pity as many fine Australian wines appeal not only to the Australian palate but also to the cognoscenti of Great Britain. B...
14 years ago 3