blueberry blending

I have 8 pounds of blueberries that I would like to blend with a
standard white wine, either soave or french columbard. I was
wondering how I should go about this? I was thinking of pureeing the
berries first and adding them to the primary with some acid blend and
pectic enzyme. Or, should I add to a secondary to preserve more of
the flavor of the berries? Thanks.
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You have enough berries for a couple of batches of wine. I would make wine with this and forget about blending it. Also, if you do make blueberry wine don't use a recipe that calls for raisins. You'll end up with better wine this way. Blueberry wine takes about a year to develope its full flavor. If you drink it too soon it will taste bad.
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Murray Clark
Two suggestions. You could eithre make a melomel (mead with fruit) or use Welch's white grape concentrate. I would suggest the melomel as blueberries work nicely with the honey. Figure 2 to 3 lbs of berries per gallon and use enough honey to bring the alcohol up to 11%.
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Ray Calvert

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