Cherry wine

Hi. In June I put a gallon of strained cherry juice that I made by cooking
some pie cherries, into a gallon jug with 2 1/2 cups of sugar, yeast, and
capped it with an airlock.
It foamed over for a couple of weeks and then quit bubbling sometime in
July, but I haven't uncapped it. I plan to leave it for another few months
and then open it and see how it taste. Now I have some questions.
1. If it made but isn't sweet enough, can I just add sugar, or will that
start the fermentation all over again?
2. If it isn't sweet enough, can I add Splenda rather than sugar?
3. If I bottle it, air will get into the bottle. How do I keep it from
turning into a vinegar wine?
4, Since I started it from cherry juice rather than putting the cherries
into a primary first, am I going to have other problems?
Please don't refer me to a web site, because I don't understand most of the
terms they use anyway.
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