dried/fresh fruit (elderberry) conversion

Does anyone know or know of the conversion rate for fresh to dried fruit?
Like, how many pounds of grapes go into a pound of raisins?
I am looking spoecifically for elderberry (I have fresh, but a recipe for dried), but other fruits would be usefull, like grapes and cranberries. Thanks
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My father-in-law just made some fresh elderberry wine this fall and used 15 lbs for 5 gallons. I'm not sure how much sugar he added though. I don't know if this will help you out, though.
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You could weigh out a small portion of elderberries, like two ounces, then put them in the oven to dry out. When dry, re-weigh the residue and get the ratio of dry to fresh. If you do that, would you please post your results for the group? I make a lot of elderberry and elderberry/grape wine but always use fresh as we have several bushes on the property.
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