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I'm getting the juice on Monday and it's already fermenting.
The winery (Marabella) that I'm buying it from said all I really need to do is let it set for a month and rack it off the sediment to another carboy.
Does that sound right to you all? It's Zinfandel juice, and I'm also getting some Vin Rose juice for my father. I just want to be sure I don't screw this up.
I'm concerned about pitching the yeast because both my Dad and the folks at the winery told me I don't need to pitch yeast because it already has wild yeast in it. So now I'm kind of unsure about the yeast, sulfiting, etc.
Thanks for your help,
Doc Evil
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Doctor Evil
In some old vineyards, especially in Europe, where wine has been made for many generations, good wild strains exist in the vineyard and have been proven. I hope this is the case for you. I would probably go with the vineyards suggestions and worry about it until they were proved right. If it really is already fermenting, whatever yeast is pressent will probably dominate so there would be little use in adding your own.
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Ray Calvert

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