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Greetings all, newbie winemaker in Atlanta here. This may not be news to you folks, but my local brew store can't find a supply of gallon jugs at reasonable costs, so he won't stock them. But while rooting around the clear glass bins for recycling behind the local Whole Foods grocery, I found a gallon juice jug for Organic All Natural Apple juice. Pastuerized, no preserves. Went in and found same item on shelf, $6.99.
If you like apple cider, that's 5 gallon jugs and five gallons of cider for $40.00 including table sugar. I may be filling my third carboy, the 6.5 gallon one, within two months. I figure right now I am practising the practical arts of winemaking before the summer is upon me and I am up to my ears in fruit, so I have 3 gallons of wine from frozen concord grape concentrate(pitched 03-06-05) and 5 gallons of Frozen Apple Juice Concentrate (03-21-05).
Jeeze this is addictive, no wonder my tee totaling granny limited herself to 4 20gallon batches of wine per year.
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Randall MacInnes

I'm not surprised. I can't find 4 litre jugs in Maryland unless I buy Carlo Rossi.
Carlo Rossi costs me $7.99. If you want gallon containers, go online. There has to be a LHBS near you that has some at $2.99. But if you want to brew a Cider Mead, buy the $6.99 stuff!
My tee totaling granny brewed her own beer and when she couldn't lift the stuff she started buying quarts. I use to bring a six pack every Saturday to the nursing home in the years before she died. I even brought plastic cups so all the elderly lushs got some.
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Dick Adams

Yep, I know what you mean. I remember 25+ years ago when I started with 3 one gallon jugs. Now I start roughly 80 to 90 gallons a year and age much of it for 2 to 3 years before bottling. You can imagine how many carboys I have stacked around. You can imagine how many racks of bottles I have. And, really, I do not drink that much, really. At least I don't think I do.
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Ray Calvert

I had the same problem, when I started making wine, and solved it the same way. Trader Joe's sold apple juice for $4/gallon in glass jugs, so I made a lot of apple wine. As the apple wine found it's way into bottles, I started fermenting other things like raspberries, blueberries, plums, grapes, welch's concentrates, mead, and even sake.
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Erroll Ozgencil

Your memory is like mine! LOL!!! I don't remember drinking that much wine but these empties keep popping up....
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