Hey-ho folks, I'm back with a question!

Hey everyone, hope all your projects are going great(er than mine!) ! ',;~}~
I seem to have a problem with the 18 imp gal batch of fruit (plums, blackberries and elder berries) wine I was/am making.
Well, about 3 weeks into fermentation, it started producing an off-smell (sulphur), but I thought nothing of it - it was coming out of the wine, not staying in, right? Anyhow, that only lasted about 3 days.
Well, gawd nose how long it's been fermenting now (about twice as long as it usually takes me), but I'm still getting the odd bubble from two of the three barrels, and what's more, there is an undesirable component to the flavour (as sampled). My wife described the taste as 'like you put to much Camden in it' - I don't believe I did, and was wondering if this sulphur-ey/plastic-ey/rubbery taste could be that there 'mercaptans' (sp?) demon I STR reading about here, and if so, is there _anything_ I can do about it, or is all that wine basically posh drain-cleaner now?
If that isn't the problem, any other ideas?
I'll be gutted if all the work has been for nothing ;-(
Thanks for any and all help!
Shaun aRe
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Shaun Rimmer
Yep, sounds like you've got mercaptan problems. Gentle aeration may help, but mercaptans are much more stable and therefore harder to remove than sulphides.
Copper Sulphate might help, but you are talking about very small additions for small batches.
Rob L
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Robert Lee

I thought the addition of asorbic acid was needed to break the mercaptans down, or is that only for di-mercaptans? /off to seach the archives

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Charles H
Robert, Charles - thanks both! I'll think about the CuSO4 thing and see if I can't dig up some info myself. I'll be sure to pop back here too - cheers!
I still love that quote, heheheheheh.........
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