homemade yeast energizer?

Is there some way to grow yeast using a homemade alternative to the yeast energizer sold for wine making? I'd like to be able to re-use the yeast from one batch of fermentation for successive batches. Subsequent batches do not ferment well, I assume because of a lack of nutrients in juice (I'm making apple cider from bottled juce). I'd like to be able to avoid having to buy yeast and energizer from the wine making store. Is there anything I could get at the supermarket that would work well for "reenergizing" used yeast? Would pureed bananas, a different type of juice (grape?) or flour and water or something like that work?
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I have been taught (30 years ago ) to re - use the yeast left when racking beer from the primary fermenter. I have done it several time since without impairing the taste of beer. If your are brewing beer on a continual basis there is no need to buy yeast. However, if you are not ready to make another batch right after then you need to buy new yeast.
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Two things come to mind...
One is to boil some bread yeast, cool it and add it in. This should act similar to yeast nutrients.
Second, subsequent batches may be short on oxygen... be sure to aerate the new batches well so that the yeast has plenty of oxygen available for health and reproduction.
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Well whats a dollar when your talkin' about wine? Break down and give your local shop some business. If you have gone to the expense of buying juice or the labor to pick the fruit don't chance something going wrong by not adding some yeast nutrient.
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Well I tried to boil some potato and the clear juice I used a bit of once, but I had like shreded bit I threw out. It did seem to work quite well, but back then I didn't go high alcchol and something went wrong and it freaked me out because the lalvin 1118 seemed to infect me and eventually I got rid of it after a week or so. I think the count was too high and its internals had been fueled by the potato... ... ...
no probs with lalvin1118 after yeast nutrient and high alcohol
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Matthew Suffidy

The method that works well for me is taking 25-50% of the yeast dreggs and boiling it for a minute or so... This cooks the yeast cells and when cooled added back into the wort....The dead yeast cells actually feeds the remaining yeast.... Result a more lively fermentation...
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