Norton Grapes

Checked my grapes today at a Brix of 18 and pH 3.08.
What is the minimum and high to look for on the pH.
Weather here has been overly wet this season on the East Coast.
I am going to watch them for a few more days but I am getting a lot of
Thanks in advance for any help.
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Virgle Griffith
Norton can be problematic with the pH and TA relationship, so it's important to monitor both. Here in MO, I tend to let the grapes get very ripe, with pH aproaching 3.70, and then use tartaric acid to bring it back into the 3.4 range BEFORE fermentation. At that time, Brix around here will be in the 23-24 range and TA can drop to 7.0 g/L.
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Clyde Gill

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