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You may have the bottles but in a recent news bulletin in the uk, it stated that
screw tops
were just as abdicate. You could use plastic bottles to the same affect if not
as attractive.
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Thanks for all the responses. 29mm sounds like exactly what I need, the 26mm from my beer bottles are just a little too small. Strange though, most of my champagne bottles are domestic, usually I get Cooks, as it is the cheapest and I am just trying to build up a stock of empties. Oh well, thanks again. Bryan
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Bryan M. Everitt
Bryan, I went through the same process trying to get a decent collection of champagne bottles. (Mead, cider, cyser, sparkling wine and soda.) I did not like the punt (sp?) on the bottles from my LHBS and wanted the 'high style' of 'good' bottles. A bottle or 2 from special occasions would not get it for me. I went to a local caterer (weddings et. al.) and begged for bottles from their events. Wow, what a hit. I got cases of bottles, for free... Most were the 29mm tops and I has to discover a source for the caps.. Thus my recommendation to you.. I got my LHBS to carry the item and am a happy camper today. My floor capper has the capability for both types of caps now...
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