Re: help! cant read the postings??

ive been away for 4 days and havent been able to keep up with the
> postings - so now that im back alot of the past postings WONT come up,
> its telling me "Unable to find thread. Please recheck the URL.", has
> anyone else had this problem and if so how do i fix it?? one of the
> posts are mine and id like to read everyones comments to me!
> thanks Deanna
Hmmm. If you can't find the threads, and you don't read your email,
how will we tell you?
Go to the following link:
formatting link

Then browse through, and click on the threads in which you are
interested. Sometimes, when the archives are being updated (or
otherwise maintained), you will get the message you describe. The
trick is to wait and try again later. Or start at the beginning (i.e.
the url listed above), since the bookmark addresses are absolute
pointers, and lose their validity after maintence.
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I'm getting the same problem from Google. So for now, I'm using the newsgroup reader in Outlook.
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