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When ferment is complete your yeast has already died (it was killed by the alcohol they made out of sugar), so you cannot use it again.
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Jakub D
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You are mistaken, I've made several wines by adding the must directly to the slurry from a previous batch. The only problem is that the yeast seems to mutate after a few batches. Steve
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I have used the yeast sediment from one batch to start another one if the timing was right. I have just racked the wine off the yeast and then add the sediment directly to the new batch. But I would not fool with trying to save any of this and I have only done it a few times.
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Ray Calvert
The one good reason for reusing yeast slurry is to restart a stuck fermentation in another batch - lots of active yeast cells that are already used to high alcohol levels.
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I've tried that with two generations of melomel, it happened to be my last working packet of 71B, it worked out just fine...
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Steve Thompson
I have also had good luck reusing yeast. I simply poured the slurry in a clean mason jar.I made 3 g marigold wine. Before too long I had harvested enough flowers to begin another 3 gal batch. Used the left over slurry to begin the new batch.
I have also had a difficult to ferment port. When I racked my strawberry wine, I added some of the remaining sludge to the port and it really took off.
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