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Re: Old brewing recipes
Thanks Matthew more interesting reading from interesting people.
16 years ago
Re: Crown caps for champagne bottles
You may have the bottles but in a recent news bulletin in the uk, it stated that screw tops were just as abdicate. You could use plastic bottles to the same affect if not as attractive. Stephen....
16 years ago 2
Re: Take a look at my barrel
16 years ago
Re: army worm wine
Sorry I don't. Please do not take this wrong, but worm wine...yuck. Darlene
16 years ago
Re: sweet or tart cherries for cherry wine?
I just opened a bottle of my cherry wine which was made from frozen tart Door County cherries. It really surprised me (my friends loved it), the smell was very cherry-like, and the taste was slightly...
16 years ago
Re: winemaking apprenticeship
This is how I started in the industry: entry level winemaster. Yes, there are plenty of grunt work tasks around a winery, but there are many other things to learn by doing cellar work too. Things that...
16 years ago
Kiwi wine???
I have about 200 pounds of hardy kiwi (no fuzzy skin to deal with) which will become ripe about mid-August. Having dabbled in wine making (apple and strawberry) with not great success, I am willing to...
16 years ago 9
Re: Mandarin oranges
This might do it is not Mandarin but see for your self Orange Wine, Fresh (5 Gallons) 45 - Oranges 2? Pints White Grape Concentrate or 5 Pounds Light Raisins 30 Pints Water 12? Pounds Sugar 5...
16 years ago 2
Re: Leakers
Maybe 2%. And I enjoy a few leakers. It gives me a chance to taste some early wine. You must be: 1. Using poor quality corks. 2. Not letting the bottles stand upright for a week or so after bottling....
16 years ago 1
2003 Blueberry - stats
Hello all, I thought I'd post a data point for those interested in volume of liquid from weight of fruit. I am making blueberry wine from fresh New Jersey blueberries, just in season. I purchased 3...
16 years ago 2
Re: pure strawberry wine plans
Just as a postscript to all you 100%ers. I make my strawberry wine with added water using 20lbs for 5 galons imperial. I always freeze my freshly picked strawberries for a few days before starting off...
16 years ago 5
Re: Rice wine
Arne, you are not going to believe this! I had just finished composing a nice, rather long reply recounting my experiences with sake on six trips to Japan, courtesy of the US Army. I was about to send...
16 years ago 5
Re: Wollersheim Winery
Caught an interesting, but sad article in our Sunday paper. Our state's (Wisconsin) biggest winery in Prairie du Sac will experience a 70% reduction of their crop (Foch grapes) this year. They are...
16 years ago 8
Champagne Leak
This is my first attempt to make sparkling wine on purpose. I added sugar, yeast, and dry pear wine to four champagne bottles about seven months ago and capped them with bottle caps. After six months...
16 years ago
Re: Day Lillies
I've been away from the group for a few weeks, so I missed most of this tthread... Day lillies are *edible*??? Can someone give me the scoop on this? As someone who loves to cook, I'm always up for...
16 years ago 1