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Initial Tasting
When I finished the initial fermentation and then the second at which the sedement is mostly left behind and put the wine into the second carboy, I tried tasting the wine and it certainly didn't tas...
8 years ago 9
Orange Wine Super Rapid Fermentation
I've tried a simple recipe off of the net for Orange wine. The first time I tried it, the fermentation bubbled like boiling water for four days and stopped almost cold. Since that was my first try e...
8 years ago 2
Re: Why Isn't Wall Street in Jail?
I sure am glad that delete works so well.
8 years ago 1
Fruit Wine
What fruits have you used to make wine with and how did it turn out? I don't think my Orange wines are going to turn out very well and in one book I read they sort of hinted that it is difficult to ...
8 years ago 17
Temperature Control
How do you keep your brew temperature from cooling down at night time?
8 years ago 7
Fruit Wine
I was reading an article on fruit wine and it said that you need to drink it young. What is young in this regard and if any of you had made fruit wine was that your experience? Seems to me that my ...
8 years ago 4
Very Very Fast
When I was fermenting that orange wine I was rather surprised that it reached it's alcohol level in four days. I had the idea that it would take several weeks to a month but it went from new to lowe...
8 years ago 4
Amateur Winemakers of Nebraska meeting
The club will meet at James Arthur Vineyards, Lincoln NE, on Feb. 17 at 6 PM to hear Jim Ballard, their winemaker, talk about blending of wine and give a tour of the winery. All members welcome, non-...
8 years ago
When is it finished?
How do you tell at what point is the initial fermentation completed and it's time for you to rack the wine into the carboy?
8 years ago 4
Can this still be fermenting without the bubbling and frothing?
8 years ago 6
What The Heck?
I made some Orange wine according to a recipe on the net. It was bubbling and boiling away merrily for three days and then just stopped. I took a hydrometer reading and it showed nothing at all. The...
8 years ago 7
I'm trying to make some Orange wine and it is presently in the fermentation container. The Must is floating to the very top and it does it so rapidly that I would have to keep stirring it if I wante...
8 years ago 2
At night time the house temperature falls to 60 degrees. Will this injure the fermentation process?
8 years ago 1
Wine Labels
Can anyone suggest a good source for the wine labels and the software to allow them to be printed up on my HP printer?
8 years ago 4
Oranges To Wine
I have an orange tree full of oranges. But in the San Francisco bay area it never gets hot enough for long enough for them to get sweet. Is it still possible to make wine from them?
8 years ago 2