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I'm trying to make some Orange wine and it is presently in the fermentation container. The Must is floating to the very top and it does it so rapidly that I would have to keep stirring it if I wante...
9 years ago 2
At night time the house temperature falls to 60 degrees. Will this injure the fermentation process?
9 years ago 1
Wine Labels
Can anyone suggest a good source for the wine labels and the software to allow them to be printed up on my HP printer?
9 years ago 4
Oranges To Wine
I have an orange tree full of oranges. But in the San Francisco bay area it never gets hot enough for long enough for them to get sweet. Is it still possible to make wine from them?
9 years ago 2
another question about fining
I have 2 carboys of fresh white wine. One was fined with bentonite, and the other was left to settle on its own. In each carboy, the top 3-4 inches are completely clear, but there's a clearly define...
9 years ago 2
a question about when to fine
I'm never sure this group is still active, but here goes: When making a white wine from grapes, I find that the SG is down to 0.992, but I'm still slowly bubbling. I'm assuming that this is dissolv...
9 years ago 5
Anyone know if the site is down? I can't seem to access it this am.
9 years ago
Wine in Romania
Wine in Romania, a photo story By Gabriel Petrescu for Southeast European Times in Bucharest
9 years ago
first racking directly to oak
Hi, Relatively new to winemaking and wonder why first racking is recommended for carboys before going to oak? I have a neutral 20 gallon barrel from repeated uses (from another winemaker).. I have a...
9 years ago 2
Tomato wine
I started tomato wine and have question , started at 1.085 with hydrometer as per recipe it has to let ferment 5 to 6 day or at 1.030 then rack, it seems like it quit fermenting it has been about 8 ...
9 years ago 2
Re: making wine from grape juice....from ASDA.
Hi everyone, I remember sometime fairly recently someone asking about fermenting pure grape juice. Well I'm just about to try substituting the normal concentrated grape juice with ASDAs own brand...
9 years ago
to plan for the vineyard
Do you know where I can get an estimate of grape yield per vine? Also I need a very hardy wine grape, suited to the Mediterranean. The climate is typically Mediterranean, with hot, dry summers, war...
9 years ago 1
Who on this site is responsible for weeding out spam?
No one apparently. Why do you think people are going to be attracted to your group if you don't make an effort to block out spam or deleting spam posts. Of the most recent posts, I counted at leas...
9 years ago 7
Racking to plastic bags?
Has anyone used the box wine approach (plastic bag) for the final racking of homemade wine? As the wine is drawn off for drinking, the amount of oxygen doesn't increase. Is there an amateur winemaki...
9 years ago 3
time for making blackberry wine
I got my blackberry wine started yesterday and today. I've been picking and freezing blackberries for the past three weeks. The harvest was a little bit late this year in Oregon. I had about 32 l...
9 years ago 6