Music to your beers: Rhinegeist makes a music video

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 The employees over at Rhinegeist Brewery know good beer pairs best
   good music.

   And, because they already make beer so good it has been recognized
   nationally, they've now released a music video that could likely be
   headed in the same direction.

   The Over-the-Rhine brewery on Wednesday released on YouTube a video
   made in an act of love "for scooters, friendship" and the hip-hop
   artist Macklemore, whose beat from "Downtown," his latest single
   Ryan Lewis, was used to create the brewery's catchy parody.

     Scooters, friendship and good vibes. Music Video is here!

   It was, of course, also paying homage to the brewery, which has
   thrust into the spotlight in recent weeks thanks to its
   [56]second-place showing in USA TODAY's 10Best best new brewery

   The nearly 3-minute music video was filmed by the brewery's graphic
   designer, Jonathan Reynolds, and Nate Yelton, of the video
   team. The duo shot much of the video inside - you guessed it - the
   "cathedral" on Elm Street. Also making cameos in the video, aside
   55 of the brewery's employees, are Over-the-Rhine institutions The
   Lackman and Findlay Market, as well as various places around

   The project, according to Rhinegeist marketing team member Dan
   was the "truly organic" brainchild of Nate Seiberling, the
   strategic operations manager, who was inspired to re-create the
   in late October despite never having written music before.

   "Within a week of seeing (Macklemore's "Downtown") ... an idea
stuck: I
   could sing Rhinegeist in the same way as Downtown in the chorus,"
   Seiberling said in an email to The Enquirer.

   According to the YouTube description, the video began as a "late
   and weekend side project" just to have some fun.

   Much to the knowledge of Seiberling at that point, however, the
   for the video ended up blossoming into so much more.

   "This was an idea of mine that I thought would likely stop at just
   recording the track," he said, "so to have an actual, full-on music
   video ... was a bit of a surprise."

   The process, which included recording, filming, editing,
   and editing again, spanned four months and tapped the creative
   abilities of several employees, Seiberling said.

   "As for the lyrics, good or bad, I take the credit there,"
   said, crediting Kentucky Sales Director Zack Moscow with sound
   and mastering. Klemmer helped with the rap verses, Moscow sang
   element of the chorus," and the choreography was spontaneous - much
   like the idea for the video itself.

   "It was a total team effort to pull it all together," Seiberling

   The work paid off for the team, as the video had nearly 18,000
views by
   7 a.m. Friday - just two days after it hit the Internet.

   If you're already anticipating Rhinegeist's next music video, don't
   wait around: Klemmer said there's nothing in the works, at least
   the magnitude of the music video."

   However, "we're always itching to put out fun videos about beer
   releases or exciting events, so there will certainly be more in the
   future," Klemmer said in an email.

   Watch the music video here. (Warning: Video contains profane


   And, if you haven't listened to Macklemore & Ryan Lewis'
   watch it here and see if you can spot the Cincinnati ties in the


   Oh, and about those scooters? All but one used in Rhinegeist's
   are employee-owned.

   "Definitely a part of the culture here," Seiberling said.
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