Coming Soon Worth Valley Beer and Music Festival

Our beer and music festival takes place this year from Thursday 22nd to Sunday 25th October.
We shall have over 140 real ales in the Oxenhope exhibition shed - many old favourites and also featuring some new beers, some specially for the festival Old Sport Bar on platform 4 at Keighley Station. Up to two real ale trains continuously between Keighley and Oxenhope Stations Extensive music programme to suit most tastes at Keighley Station and in Oxenhope Shed Free evening connecting bus from Hebden Bridge Railway Station to the festival at Oxenhope, complementing the daytime 500 service bus provided by Keighley and District.
also new for this year Extra accommodation at Oxenhope in the shape of the Timothy Taylor marquee, featuring all their beers and a hog roast on most days Extra Catering Van outside the shed Better accommodation for staff.
There's more info on the web at
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and the provisional beer list will be added shortly
We are looking for volunteers to help with staffing the bar - offers to ,me at
Paul Rigg Rostering officer Worth Valley Beer and Music Festival
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Paul Rigg
I was somewhat surprised to see that the entrance fee for the Keighley and Worth Valley beer festival is £5 on Thursday, £8 on Friday and £10 on Saturday. This is before you spend even a penny on beer.
The Saturday price makes this, unless anyone knows differently, one of the most expensive beer festival entrance fees ever charged in the history of beer festivals in the UK.
Why the ridiculous prices for this festival? Well the official line seems to be that a) you're paying for the music as well as the beer as it's a both beer and music festival (!), and b) too many people attended the Saturday sessions last year so the prices are there to discourage people from attending.
In a sense point (b) is true. Saturday night at last year's festival was chaotic. People had to queue for entrance tickets, then for beer tokens and glasses and finally for beer. The process took 30 minutes at the busiest times. But that has never been the case on Thursday or Friday, so why the high entrance fees?
The railway's solution this year is twofold - to price people away from the festival and, even more ridiculously, put 6 of the 120 beers into a separate tent in the futile hope that this will lessen the crush in the main bar. How isolating the beers from Timothy Taylor - beers ubiquitously available in Keighley and Haworth - will alleviate crowding escapes me.
This festival , once one of the 'must visit' events, has sadly become an 'avoid at all costs' event. Perhaps it's unfair to compare the Worth Valley Festival to those local festivals organised by CAMRA, but nevertheless the comparison is one of professionals who know what a beer festival should be, and amateurs who are barely in control of what they're supposed to be doing.
There is a school of thought in the Worth Valley Railway that maintains that they shouldn't be getting involved in things like beer festivals. I've never believed that, but after last year's fiasco, and this year's proposed solutions, I'm beginning to wonder.....
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M Platting
We have an obligation to make sure that the event is not overcrowded on the Saturday night therefore we have opted for a price rise. The sessions are longer than you get at most Camra beer festivals.
Most of our visitors by a day ticket which includes the trains and entry to the beer festival. Discounts are available for concessions, members etc as usual.
We are making tokens available at Keighley to help people avoid a queue at Oxenhope.
We give people the option of bringing their own glass if they wish (how many beer festivals do that!) so that they don't have to queue for them either
If anyone works a few hours behind the bar we'll find them a concessionary ticket so they won't have to pay.
The fact that Taylors is available all over Keighley is not relevant - most visitors aren't from Keighley!
The only other option that we could see was to make the Saturday all ticket and we did not wish to do that.

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Paul Rigg
The main problem here is that there's absolutely nothing on the flyer and advertising material to say that there's any entrance fee (let alone £10!). it's all very well to say 'more details on the website' but that's making assumptions. There are going to be a lot of people who turn up on Saturday unaware of the entrance fee. Some will have travelled a long way and may not be best pleased.
How many people go to a session for its full duration!
So spend more (£20) and we'll let you into the festival for nothing!
Nothing on the website or the flyer to suggest this. Besides, doesn't your £10 entrance fee include, at the very least, a glass?
Anyone? That's interesting.
I still don't see how removing 6 beers from an engine shed with 140 beers in it is going to significantly reduce crowding.
Why? It's a system that works well at other limited space venues, and is fair.
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M Platting

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