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Good day-

Doing about my 5th or 6th lager in my HB career and am curious about
the d. rest.  I'm doing a relatively light one with wyeast labs munich
lager yeast.  I did primary for 10 days at 50, then transferred to
2ndary and dropped to 38 (achieved by dropping 2 degrees per day).
I've read that if you gently drop the temp, this is 'easy' on the
lager yeast and there's no diacytal formed.  This recipe instructions
call for 2 days at room temp after 2ndary before I move to keg to
condition for 5 weeks at 33 degrees.  I've also seen where some
microbrew joints do the rest between primary and 2ndary.  My big
question is:  doesn't bumping the temp up 'wake up' the yeast so it
starts fermenting again?

Any input anyone has would be appreciated.  I still have a couple
weeks in the 2ndary, but want to see what any gurus out there have to
say on the subject.  Thanks so much in advance...jeff

Re: Diacytel Rest question

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Hmmm.... a lot in that paragraph... but, in short, you want to do the D
rest while there are still plenty of active yeast (ie., none have gone "to
sleep" yet).  That is usually around day 7 - 10 of primary.  Some folks
measure the gravity and shoot for a certain percentage of final gravity to
indicate when to D rest.  You NEED active yeast to consume the diacetyl!

In short, do the D rest near the end of primary while there is still
some fermenting left to go.  Then go to secondary, drop temp, lager...
(It looks like your instructions are in error).

Finally, at the end of your secondary, if you don't taste any diaceytl,
then don't worry about the rest at all!

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