Goose Island IPA extract

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Does any one have a good Goose Island IPA extract recipe?
I have made around 25 extract batches of all types of ales and
a few lagers. Dry hopped in the secondary, in the keg etc.
Thanks in advance.


Re: Goose Island IPA extract

I found a partial mash recipe that could easily be converted into either
all-extract or all-grain recipe.

Partial Mash, conducted in a 5-gallon round Rubbermaid cooler fitted
with a

2# Pale Malt
1# Crystal 20
0.5# Dextrin Malt

Strike Temperature: 166°F, Mash Temperature: 154°F for 60 minutes in 1¼
of water and batch-sparged (using the slowly pour over the mash
with a coffee
cup method) with 2 gallons of water heated to 180°F

While collecting the runnings, I had in the pot for FWH:

12.5 AAU Centennial Pellets (1.25 oz of 10.0% alphas) and
1 Tablespoon Gypsum (I use local high-carbonate tap-water).

Brought it to volume (I boil 3 gallons total in a 4 gallon pot) and
then brought
it to a boil. After a rigorous 45 minute boil, I removed
the pot from the burner
and did a late-extract addition of:

7# Light LME

Once dissolved, this went back on the heat, was brought back to a boil,
and the
timer was set for an additional 20 minutes. Further additions

7/8 oz Fuggle pellets (4.4%) + 1/8 oz Centennial pellets (10%) @ 15
minutes left.
1 tsp Irish Moss @ 15 minutes left.
1 oz Cascade pellets (5.2%) @ 2 minutes left. (I meant to dry-hop, but
to--been kinda busy--but the aroma hasn't suffered too much from
the original).

When done and cool, it was racked to the carboy, brought to volume, and

Wyeast 1968.

This IPA spent one week in primary and a month in secondary before

OG: 1.062
FG: 1.011

Good luck,


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