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Apologies if this has already been discussed...
I bought a Danby kegerator about a month and a half ago, have not cleaned it all. I need a new keg, but I want to clean first. I bought a cleaning kit online, but it will take about a week to arrive, can't wait that long. Is there a way to clean the lines and tap using commonly found items? Will soap and warm water do the trick? Please advise, and thanks in advance for answering what I assume is a rookie question.
p.s. Barry Bonds is a cheater.
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Do you have access to BLC or any type of keg cleaner? If so, fill an old keg halfway with the cleaner and water, hook it up to the tower and co2 and pull the handle. When the kegs empty, you're clean. If no keg, put an aquarium pump in a bucket of cleaner and water, hook the output of the pump to the faucet input, pull the handle, plug in the pump and viola, you're clean.
As to your PS. If Bonds did use steriods they were not ILLEGAL AT THAT TIME. And he has never tested positive since the ban.
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wayne edgin

In the days before homebrew, I used plain warm soap and water. I never figured it would damage Bud. Now I hear brewers using Star San and the such. I myself have graduated to using BLC.

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Well, yes they were illegal at that time. You needed a doctors script to obtain and use and always have, but MLB with it's head forever stuck up it's butt didn't have any rules specifically banning the use of steroids. The fact they he did or didn't is irrelevant, there were no rules in baseball and everyone else used them, he just happened to hit more out of the park...757 and counting and I doubt he's still using them
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