"Homebrewers" just passed the 200 year mark

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On special noteworthy occasions such as this, I like to share our good
news with the rest of the homebrewing community.  Last night our
"Homebrewers" grid computing team (currently with 107 members), as part
of the World Community Grid, passed the 200 year mark for research time.
That means that our team has donated the spare (otherwise wasted) time
on our home computers for non-profit medical research instead of a silly
screen saver, and it is equivalent to having one average home computer
working at full speed doing nothing whatsever except the research, 24
hours per day for 200 years.  I think that that's a rather remarkable
accomplishment for a group a folks whose common interest is mostly
brewing beer and talking about it (well, ahem ... _drinking_ it, too).
If any of you are interested in joining us, please visit my portal in my
signature block.  Everyone is welcome ... and needed.  It is safe, very
secure, and benefits all of mankind.


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