recipe for a beer like köstrizer ?

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does anyone have a recipe for a beer that taste like "Köstritzer" ?
It is a blackbeer with the tasty of an pilsner.

Re: recipe for a beer like köstrizer ?
Hi Denny,
what is AG or extract
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Re: recipe for a beer like köstrizer ?
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AG stands for All Grain, making a beer from malted barley, hops, yeast and
water. Extract mean instead of using grain you can start with malt syrup or
powder addind specialty grains, hop, yeast and water.

This is pretty basic homebrewer vocabulary in english. Since you seam to be
from Germany with the .de adress, you migth want to go to
to get a refresh in the terms used in english. If, on the other way your
problem is not with translation but that you are a beginner homebrewer you
should also go to howtobrew to learn the basic and maybe forget Köstritzer
for now since it's a lager and it is more complex to do lagers than regular
ales. Homebrewing is not hard but there is a learnig curve.
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