shocked my yeast?

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After a two year hiatus, I brewed an all-grain pale ale yesterday.  Its
been a while and I was definitely rusty but I thought everthing went ok.
  I was a litte disappointed with the volume prior to boiling (I need to
go back and reconsider Papazian's .1 gal/1lb grist absorption rule).

So its been 17 hours since I pitched my yeast and there is no visible
signs of any fermentation at all.  Very strange.  I wasn't expecting a
perfect extraction but I was anticipating an average fermentation
experience.  I've retraced my steps and I think I found the step where I
goofed.  I used White Labs Pitchable Liquide Yeast: Burton Ale.  I took
it straight out of the fridge and dumped it into the carboy (which was
at about 70F).  I started to suspect this morning that that was a
mistake and sure enough the bottle of yeast says remove from fridge 3-6
hours prior to pitching.  What a rookie mistake!

Are the yeast nuked or can/will they pull through?  Can I pitch some
more or is the beer likely sick with other possible infection by now?  I
can't think of anything else that would have given this kind of result.
  I am missing anything?

Any advice?



Re: shocked my yeast?
Hey, I just brewed a batch last night too,  Dark ale Canned malt extract and
took the yeast out of the fridge for a good two hours-1 1/2 or so, a white
plains trappist ale yeast. It's been past 15 hours and I'm brewing at 60
degrees. I pitched at 5 degrees over the recommended temp. but I think
these things just take time.  It might take an extra day or so but we
didn't kill the yeast, it's in there.  This is the first time I've ever
tried a liquid yeast and I think it's going to turn out great.  Going to go
over Papazanni's lagging fermentation section.  Later

Re: shocked my yeast?
G_cowboy wrote:

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Sorry, White Labs trappist style ale yeast.  Yep, it's not fermenting.  Gave
it a good couple of swirls.  I looked and the good book says that
replication is an aerobic process.  If worst comes to worst,  I'm going to
have to put some heat on it to help get that yeast activated.  Anything
anyone out there that can think of something might help? well, thanks,

Re: shocked my yeast?
Hardy little microbes, got a vigorous fermentation going

Re: shocked my yeast?
right on. :-)

G_cowboy wrote:
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Re: shocked my yeast?
You are correct.  After posting this, I went and shook the carboy (CPR
for the yeast).  Not sure if it helped or if it was coincedence but
fermentation has begun.  The little guys are alive and have punched back
in for work.


G_cowboy wrote:

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