"snow flakes" sparkling cider made with beer

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I've been making sparkling apple cider with beer yeast and bottling it. I'm
having problems with the yeast not settling out but forming "flakes" so that
the bottle looks somewhat like those winter paperweights with "snow" inside.
It tases fine so I am not worried about contamination. If I refrigerate the
bottles, flakes settle near the bottom so that I can pour most of the cider
into a mug and drink it without the yeast. I am wondering if these flakes
are a known phenomena and if there is someway to get the yeast to form a
solid sediment on the bottom of the bottle (champaign yeast (lalvin 11118)
settles down well but I don't like the taste of cider made with it). Could
cider just have the wrong density for use with beer yeast? I've tried
saflager and cooper yeast. The cooper yeast, (which gives the best  taste of
several yeasts I've tried) was described in the mail order catalog as
"settling out firmly",  and it didn't form flakes unill after bottling. The
saflager yeast formed the flakes in the first fermentation.


Re: "snow flakes" sparkling cider made with beer

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Have you tried chilling your cider before racking to your bottling
bucket?  If you crash cool it down to about 35-40F for a couple days
most of the yeast should drop out of suspension and you can rack the
clear cider off to your bottling bucket.  I would think that should
clear it up for the most part.

Bob O.

Re: "snow flakes" sparkling cider made with beer

or do they settle out after bottle chilling?

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