Tubing safe for boil kettle?

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I decided that a false bottom for my boil kettle would not be a bad
idea after I noticed that whole hops make life frustrating by clogging
up the spigot on my kettle.  I was going to actually spend money and
buy one but then I decided to try to make one my self.   It's more of a
filter than a false bottom really.  What I want to do is use the
stainless steel tube from the inside of a converted keg as a filter.  I
would flatten and fold or cap off one end of the tube while fastening
the tube to the inside stainless steel coupler.  I would attach the
tube to the coupler with a piece to 1" OD rubber hose.  To convert the
tube to a filter I would cut small slits all the way down the bottom
side of the tube with a hack saw about every 8th of an inch.  The slits
would face the bottom so that it would pull from the bottom.

So here are my questions.

1.  Does any one see a problem with this design?
2.  What type of hose would I have to purchase to withstand a boil and
not leach chemicals into the wort?



Re: Tubing safe for boil kettle?

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Silicone rubber tubing is inert, and should be the same material in essence
that they make that silicone bakeware from.  That's the stuff.

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