where do I get enzymes?

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Everything says that you should use enzymes to break down starch to
digestable sugars, but where do you get it.  I could probably pick up beano
at the store, would this work?  Do I really even need it if I'm just using
the grain for coloring properties?  I guess I don't, but it would be nice
to know as I've checked out the supply store and they don't have anything
resembling enzymes for sale except some kind of wino thing in case I decide
to use oatmeal.  The enzymes don't come in the grain do they?

Re: where do I get enzymes?
If you're making an extract brew, and using some auxiliary grains such
as crystal, you don't need enzymes.  With all-grain brews, the enzymes
are in the grains, and are activated by steeping crushed grain in a
controlled temperature environment for a set amount of time.  Crystal
and roasted (black, chocolate, roasted barley) don't need to be
mashed, so don't worry about enzymes if using these as
flavoring/coloring in extract brews.  Just be sure to remove them when
water in kettle reaches 170F, or you'll leach undesirable compounds
from them.  Use a fine mesh nylon bag, just slightly crush the grain,
and shake off excess powder before steeping.

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