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Okay, so I have drawn the misfortune of being in Atlantic City, NJ, on business (well, near AC, actually). I know about the new Firewaters joint in AC, as well as the Tun brewpub. How about the rest of the region, from Absecon on up the coast, even out to LBI? The Dutchman's Brauhaus looks passable, for instance.
Also, any liquor shops or specialist shops with really good beer selections? I wouldn't mind picking up some interesting beers, particularly from High Point's Rammstein line, or DeGroen's.
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I would pass on the Dutchman for beer. The weekend buffets there are quite good, exceptional, actually, but the beer destinations are few at the Jersey Shore, save for Tun and Firewaters. I visited both last weekend, and Ted Briggs' beers at Tun have never been better; his Fest was first-rate, as was, and always is, his IPA. Ask for him when you visit, and he may offer up some samples of rarer stuff that is not yet on tap, or experimental. Always a good time with Ted.
Firewaters is also quite good, 50 taps and some very interesting selections, including a wealth of local micros, including Weyerbacher Blithering Idiot barleywine and thier Autimnfest, a very interesting take on the festbier. Not to be missed are any beers on tap from nearby Heavyweight Brewing, always interesting stuff.
You wont be able to find Warsteiner or Degroens in NJ, and save for one of the Joe Canal's stores further inland in Marlton or Lawrenceville, for example, you wont find too many stores with a decent selection of micros, but you should try to get as much Heavyweight stuff as you can; their stuff is pretty damn good.
Rich Pawlak Close enough to be a Philadelphian!
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Richard Pawlak
Excellent info, Rich. Thanks!
There's also a place called Goodfellows in Absecon ... looks like there are a couple of passable beers on tap there.
That's disappointing, but c'est la vie. Jever, maybe? Too bad the Dutchman is lame for good beer. You'd think they'd be doing good business pouring Brooklyn lagers and High Point's Rammstein wheat beers.
Good suggestions. Thanks. Too bad I won't be closer to Philadelphia; what I'd *really* like is a session in Downingtown at Victory. Another time, perhaps.
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He won't? I've seen both of them frequently in the past, but since I don't buy either brand, I can't say for sure if they're now on the shelves (I can't imagine Warsteiner isn't around). Or are you only talking draft now?
Truth of the matter is, for as small a state as New Jersey is, beer distribution does differ quite a bit between the south, central and northern areas.
Just bought a case of Jever today- it's available but there's still a lot of old stock laying around, too, so beware. New stuff is in cardboard (no more funky plastic cases), red stripe on the six-pack shell, and has a "best by" date on the case.
Beer's from High Point seem to strictly "northern" Jersey in distribution. Occassionally one of their seasonal products gets to the central part of the state, but it's not a regular brand.
Well, it's only recently that the Canal's in Lawrenceville got a good selection but there are a number of good stores in New Jersey, but, granted, it's hit or miss and there are a lot of stores that are still clueless (certainly the shore area stores seem to be Bud/Coors Light places, for obvious reasons). And, oddly, there are a lot of stores with great import selections but hardly anything local. but you
Agreed. Even their distribution is uneven. Some stores just carry their "variety 4 pack" and I recall a store down the shore that had quite an amazing selection of Belgians several years ago and, when asked about Heavyweight, (the closest brewery to them), they'd never heard of the place.
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Saw Warsteiner the other day at Glendale Liquors in Kendall Park, don't know if it's at their other locations though.
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